Thursday, September 30, 2004

In Remembrance of Edward Said

Palestine, Palestinians; their story, their history, their journey with suffering, and their stolen rights, are all facts people learned from the great Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, who dedicated himself to his land: Palestine, and its people.
His writings showed the world the truth, which media failed to reflect. Injustice, humiliation, and cruelty of imperialism, were all subjects of his writings.
It’s been one year already since Edward Said the thinker, the teacher, the story teller and above all the proud Palestinian, has passed away.
Let’s not forget his work, let’s not ignore his words, let’s not waste his efforts.
Let’s all hope that Palestine will be generous enough to offer us such great people to spread the truth and remind the world of the “invisible people”… the people of Palestine.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Baby Leen

Just got a message from my dear friend Noura informing me that they have a beautiful baby girl brought into this world. They called her Leen, and they say she’s so beautiful.
Can’t wait to see her :)
I’m so so happy for Noura and her husband. They deserve the best, and I only wished I was there to share them these beautiful and warm moments.
Congratulations Noura, may baby Leen bring you and your nice husband more happiness and success :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jordanian Specialist Foot Care Center- Scholl

Among the many places I love in Jordan, there is one place I can never miss visiting no matter how short my vacation is. I’m talking here about the Jordanian Specialist Foot Care Center, which was formerly called Scholl.
This center is one of the best when it comes to taking care of your feet from A-Z. Whether healthy or not, whether taken care of or not, the center is just the perfect place for you to have new-born healthy feet to guarantee an out of this world feeling. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to me, taking care of feet is not only a must, but also a joy. Since our feet bear our weight and take part in most of our body efforts, adding to this the fact that our feet have a big amount of nerves related to all other body parts, all of this makes a little bit of care and some pampering result in a very comforting, very refreshing and very relaxing feeling.
First I heard of Scholl products many years ago through my big bro. As for the center, I didn’t discover it, mom did. I tried it out, loved it and I keep going to it whenever I have the chance. Actually I was lucky enough to have my second work place in Jordan next to this center. I always went there after work or in my breaks. Taking care of your feet blows away exhaustion and makes you feel lighter, don’t know how, but after a nice foot massage, or an hour of foot care, it just feels like you’re so light…
In this time’s visit to Amman, I was so happy to find the center improving to the better –just like Amman itself :) – the equipment, the specialists, the services, the products, and everything. The center consists of 2 levels, the first is mainly for selling medical feet products, such as shoes, crèmes, sprays, files…etc. And the second is divided into rooms that vary in size. Some are for foot massage (reflexology) which is simply AMAZING, and some are for foot care (pedicure), others are for body massage and total facial care and treatments. Plus a small section for beauty products for face, body and feet, like: masks, peeling products, brushes, washing sponges and stuff like that. And each room you get in has soft music playing, a low volume satellite channel showing on a TV opposite to you, some magazines next to you, a place to put your belongings on, and this whole bunch of equipment and products to be used. Both levels have a reception counter with extremely friendly, helpful employees with smiley faces :)
Other than that, the center provides consultation and treatment of most of the foot and back problems, without surgery.
I love all kinds of massage in general, let it be face, body or foot massage. And what I find pretty impressive is the massage being offered by both men and women. Women take care of women, and men take care of men, this might be discouraging for some of you :P but I personally love it, respect it, and encourage it.
The prices are affordable, very affordable actually. They give you brochures listing all services and their prices, which I find so practical and convenient :)
The specialists have a very good medical and scientific background,they’re all well trained with follow-up courses every now and then to check on their reliability, and to catch up with the new technologies and inventions in their fields.
Now I know there are many other places that offer great services, but what can I say, I’m in love with this center :) And all of you in Amman, or who will be in Amman soon, don’t forget to show your feet some respect and offer them some special care, they deserve it, and you deserve experiencing the great feeling of relaxation and happiness after an hour of pampering your tired feet... Trust me ;)

Monday, September 27, 2004

" Vote For Change"

This is the motto of the tour that will start today September 27th and will take place in most of the states of America. The tour will be for 10 days and its goal is to encourage people to vote for John Kerry. “Vote for change” is organized by the MoveOn website, and the revenues of the concerts to be held throughout the tour will all go to America Come Together “ACT”. 17 musicians and famous bands such as: Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. and Jackson Browne will be participating in this tour.
They all believe that it’s their duty as Americans to encourage people to make the right decision, which is voting for Kerry and not Bush.
Source: DeutscheWelle .

Meeting Friends in Jordan

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings in life. My true friends are relatively few, and I wanted to meet them all. Our vacation was flying by so fast, and we had a full program every day. To be able to meet all those I know and spend time with my friends, mom suggested I set a day to gather them all at home, and suggested the same for my husband, but it never worked with him because of the extremely different schedules of all his friends. It was a great achievement he could simply meet them for an hour or so :)
Anyway, I found out that most of my friends were hard to reach, some moved and I had their new numbers in my phonebook which I left in Tunisia, some were traveling on vacation and others couldn’t make it to the gathering, neither did it work out for us to meet any other time. But I enjoyed myself in the gathering, tried to catch up with all their news and well, it was great being with them again.
Among my really good friends are some people who are of my parents age, that’s true, they’re old, yet they know me since childhood, they’ve been there for me in good and bad, and I feel like they’re my families too. And when I’m with them, I see love and concern in their eyes.
On our day of arrival:
We got to meet Marwan (a close friend of my brother and sister who are in Canada now). This person is more like a brother than a friend, we all count him and his parents members of our family. He’s been out of Jordan for more than 4 years, haven’t seen him since then, but this time we met him with his wife :). Unfortunately he and his wife had to leave next morning. So we saw them only once. We recalled the memories of the past, and introduced his wife to the other part of her husband, the part which made him count as a brother :) I missed my bro and sis so much, it didn’t feel right not to have them with us.
The Tea-Party :)
I got a great chance to know one of my husband’s friends: Saqf, whom I only knew by face. We went over to his place and had great time together. We had the honor of meeting his dad, who was so friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed talking to him, he and my dad share a lot of similarities :) Now being a person who loves candles, natural atmosphere, plants, and tea, Saqf’s place was just perfect for me and helped me not to feel as a stranger with my husband and his good old friend :) But then again, the place alone isn’t enough to make a person feel comfortable, the person in that place plays a very important role, and God knows the person of this place is as great as a best friend could ever be. It was great to watch my husband enjoying his time and remembering the old days with his friend. It was so fun knowing the hidden sides of my husband as well :P We laughed a lot that day… And although before we went, my husband told me that his friend loves tea, but I never expected what I’ve seen :) Never seen such a huge collection of different kinds of tea, never seen someone who enjoys every little bit of making tea and serving it, and all those books about tea, its benefits and its making, that was so great. He prepares tea with such a passion :) Oh and on that day a miracle happened in front of my eyes. My husband, who loves hot drinks extremely sweet, he actually drank a whole cup of tea with NO ADDED SUGAR! That was the first –and probably the last- cup of no-sugar tea for him ;) I loved getting familiar with the many kinds of tea, smelling them, and trying out as much as our time enabled us to. I also enjoyed the carrot cake, as if they knew I adore carrot and that carrot cakes are of my favorites :) It was a great visit, we were supposed to meet a couple of friends there too, but they couldn’t make it, hard luck for us, maybe next time :)
On our day of departure:
The great news is, my friend (since school days) Noura will be having a baby any minute, and despite her work, and her pregnancy condition, she came to meet me an hour before I left to the airport to say goodbye. It was great of her, and it was even greater to see her about to have a baby. I was truly happy for her, she’s such a wonderful person. I wished she’d have her baby while I was there, but it didn’t work :P Can’t wait to see pics of her baby :)
She’s like a sister to me and my family loves her too. I took pics of her and talked as much as I could with her, but time wasn’t enough for a long detailed chat.

I was planning to meet my friends who I used to work with, but it didn’t work. I wish next time our vacation will be longer so that I’ll get to see everybody and catch up with everything in their lives :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Islam Connecting People"

Ammar Kebede, a very talented young man born in Ethiopia and grown up in Germany. Ammar used to write lyrics for rap songs, and used to rap since 1995. He was a part of a small group of talented people. They wanted to be famous and reach the world, but they wanted it in the right way. They didn’t want to sing about drugs or sex, they didn’t want video clips with women surrounding them, they wanted to show all stars that there are other ways of becoming famous, while keeping self-respect.
In the same year, Ammar got to know Islam and read in the Quran. In 1999 he converted to Islam, ever since then he started writing lyrics about things he believed were meaningful and worth discussing. He started writing about life, the truth of things, God, poverty, egoism, and anything that could give a wakeup call to people to improve their lives and help each other.
His topics are well selected, his texts are Islamic and his songs simply rock. The reactions to his new style music and Islamic rap songs were so positive. People loved Ammar and his meaningful music.
His latest CD is called “Mehr als Musik” (more than music) and could be purchased from Ammar’s website:
You can also hear his songs and download a lot of remixes and singles for free. With his songs, Ammar tries to get people to thinking and reconsidering their lives. He tries to encourage people to make their lives more useful and more meaningful.
Unfortunately his website and songs are in German only.

Tomorrow September 23rd, Ammar will be having a live concert in Mainz- Germany. And on Sunday, September 26th, Ammar will be having another Live concert in Berlin-Germany, for FREE. It will be called “Islam Connecting People” and will include interviews with people from around the world, who’d like to share their experience with Islam.
For details about the concerts, the time, place and tickets you can check his site or call: 0177-3448727, or simply send an email on the following address: icp[AT]
You’re all invited :)

"Innocent Eyes"

I just happen to love this song.

Do you remember…
lalalalalala lalalalalala…

Isn’t it just beautiful.
This Delta Goodrem hit is stuck to me since yesterday, I was singing it and hearing its music in my head all day long. And since downloading music is restricted here in the company, I thought bringing her CD with me to work will be just perfect. So here I am listening to it for the 10th time already. I’m not sick, I just love this song. Her whole Album is great, but this “Innocent Eyes” is my favorite, my second favorite in this album is "Lost Without You", third is “Not Me, Not I” but it’s so touching with sad tunes, which will make things worse for me.
Anyway, let me get back to work, although I’m not in the mood AT ALL ;) Great day to all of you…

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Work Diaries (9): Back to my cell :D

I spent whole 3 weeks away from work. No work, no pressure, no deadlines, nothing. Just good time and plenty of fun. But the great vacation had to come to an end, and here I am back in my work cell. Once again, I’m trapped in an office with nothing to hear but the sound of my keyboard typing, a mouse click, a print coming out of my dear friend the printer, and the shouting of the annoying noisy out-of-paper fax machine. Not to forget the ringing phone, which seems to love keeping me company that it rings every 5 minutes! Today a new soundtrack has been added: the “lovely” noise coming from the people working on this new building opposite to ours.
Of course my desk gave me a very “warm” welcoming, it missed too much that it overloaded itself with paper for me to work on to guarantee I never leave it again!
God, work sucks, I’m still in the mood for relaxation and a warm family environment surrounding me. I can still smell the trees in our street and taste the yummy cooking of my dear mother. I can still hear dad’s precious pieces of advice and the really loud laughs coming from my bro and sis after a joke one of us told or a silly dance we created… well, work is not as bad as it may seem, right! Specially when you feel you’re in the wrong place, filling the wrong position in the wrong company :P not to forget having just the right kind of employer giving you instructions in the right time, as he believes!
When I got back to work I didn’t know where to start, I found piles of files, a 120 email to reply to, and more than 10 urgent reports to be done. I sorted out my priorities after discussing them with my boss and started working. But seems like my boss is a record-breaker when it come to changing his mind. He gave me a thing to do and said: “this should be your #1 priority, forget about everything else for the time being”. After 15 minutes he came back again and said: “forget about that and start working on this, if I come to you later on and ask you to do anything else, just IGNORE me”. 20 minutes later he came and gave me a new thing to do, so I just took the papers and put them aside till I’m done with what I’m doing. He called me in 10 minutes asking about the papers he gave me last, so I told him I just “ignored” them -as he advised- till I’m done with my #1 priority. He came to me and explained that I should work on the last papers he gave me, they’re the most urgent. So I had no choice but to follow the orders. 15 minutes later he came AGAIN, asking me to double-check a report, he told me to leave everything and do it. So I left everything, and started double checking it. After 20 minutes he came ONCE AGAIN and asked me to stop checking the report, leave everything and start entering data in a software after I get it upgraded. So I just left EVERYTHING, went to the office kitchenette, made myself a cup of tea, got myself a piece of chocolate, got back to my office, and started writing this post :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Good Morning Tunisia

So we’re back in Tunis now. Vacation flew by so fast that I really don’t feel I had enough of my days off.
It was great being back in the beautiful country Jordan, watching all the new places that existed after I left to Tunisia, and re-living all the great memories of places I used to go to when I was still living in Jordan.
Jordan has changed a lot, many people might not notice that, but I personally believe a big change is so obvious. Part of the change was really impressive, the other part, well, let me just say, it was negative.
I loved seeing the signs of civilization and progress almost everywhere. I adored the vitality of streets, the bright lights in the dark skies at midnight, the noise of pickups, the smell of fresh baked “manaqeesh”, the sight of the rich and poor people waiting side by side for a hot plate of falafel in a little store. I loved the fresh cool breeze in a hot summer day, and the extremely cold air at night. And the architecture of houses and buildings in Amman, what a pleasant sight! It’s true Amman isn’t considered one of the most organized capitals when it comes to building, but still one can see beauty in the architecture of Amman.
Jordan has become really open to other cultures, investments and international projects. And for those who love shopping, be sure that Amman has become one of the most interesting capitals that will guarantee you satisfaction for sure. Regardless of your budget, and no matter what you’re most interested in, you’ll enjoy shopping either in Amman’s great malls, shopping centers or even in those normal little stores spread all over the capital. And in case you’re just like me: a food lover :P then Amman will offer you a very wide range of all kinds of food from international and local kitchens :) hmmm, let me not list the places I loved or I’ll get you all bored reading and reading and reading :P
What I really love about Amman is that you don’t have to go through a lot of complications to get something you like. In fact the system encourages you to use technology, invest, and many other useful things.
Yet the change that I personally considered really negative was watching young people getting confused about modernization. Reading the newspaper articles, taking a look at the local magazines and watching people in the streets, malls, restaurants and all, one can easily notice the huge group of young people who think that becoming modern is by imitating other cultures in looks and life style and abandoning everything that has to do with their own culture. But then again, this negative change isn’t only in Jordan, but in most of the Arab countries, unfortunately. It’s even worse here in Tunisia. But we can’t blame parents alone, neither the country’s policy alone, neither schools or universities alone, they’re all to be blamed together. How great it was to see some families sticking to their beautiful tradition, religion and old virtues, while benefiting from modernization in all possible ways. Young people should be guided and shown that modernization and tradition do not contradict. And with tradition I mean the old peaceful respectful way of life, and not the destructive backward ideas that relate to evil or shallow thinking.
I hope Arab countries will try to save what’s left to save from their beautiful traditions while fitting in the modern world. It’s not that hard actually.

Anyway, all I can say about Jordan is that despite its small geographical size, and despite its economical circumstances, and despite its lack of green color –relatively speaking that is- despite all this, Jordan is a country full of life, always blooming in all fields, and always offering new places, new attractions and new services for civilians as well as visitors. Jordan is so so alive, and this is the thing I love most about it.

Now we’re back in the beautiful Tunisia, and I miss Jordan and my family since I said goodbye in the airport. I really don’t feel I saw them enough or spent enough time with them. But this is life I guess, you can’t have everything you wish for, right! I never stop trying though :P
I didn’t see all the people I wished I’d see, but I hope I’ll make it up next time. Most of all, I really wished my older brother and sister were there. Not seeing them made me feel something was really missing…
If I let my feelings take control, then I’ll surely fail to enjoy any second away from my family. But this is neither what I want, nor what the ones I love would wish for me, therefore I always try to fit in my second country Tunisia, try to enjoy its beauty and good people. I hate to fail in having a happy life, so I focus on what I’m good at, and what I’m good at is never surrendering to sadness and depression :) The piles of papers and loads of work I have to do aren’t helping that much, but will do my best not to let anything change my happy mood.

As you can see, this post shows how much I miss blogging, so be prepared for a lot of writing to come your way. I’ll write about my adventurous vacation for you to share my lovely experience :)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

From Jordan...

Well, this is a quick post just to let you know that I'm still alive :) I'm on vacation, and I left Tunisia to Jordan to spend some time with my family. My vacation is short though, that's why I'm not blogging, kind of trying to make the best out of every second here.God I miss this country, and God I miss my family. I just wished my other brother and sister and her family were all here with us. But who knows, maybe next time we'll all gather together.I must say that I truly miss blogging, and I really miss reading some blogs I really got addicted to :) Those know my addiction to their blogs by my many many comments :) But I promise to be blogging back soon, and I promise to catch up with all the posts I consider really worth reading.
Till then, wish you all the best of luck, and wish that my vacation will stop passing by as fast as it is...