Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Work Diaries (8): Just forget about it!

There is this hotel we were trying to get an agreement with to provide us with special room rates. So we contacted the marketing responsible in January 04. He promised to send us the contract in a couple of days, but we reached February and heard nothing from him. We kept calling him, he couldn’t be reached for some reason. We tried to meet him, but it never worked out. So we never saw him.
Anyway, we switched to another Hotel in April, and forgot TOTALLY about the other hotel, and I also forgot the man’s name.
The other day, someone comes to our office, he introduced himself to me, he was from the same hotel we were trying to deal with. He asked me about the possibility of making a contract, I explained that we tried to earlier but we had no response so we had to deal with another hotel. He insisted on giving them a chance, so I took the guy to the boss. A mistake I really REGRET.
Boss: I think you know now that the mistake was from your side, we did our best to reach this loser from the marketing department, but he never cooperated with us.
Guy: I apologize for this, what can I say! employees these days… you know, lazy, irresponsible and are such a shame for their employers.
Boss: But we’re talking about marketing here! Your hotel should be selective, it has such a great reputation, it’s a big loss for the hotel to lose many clients coz of some lazy bastard!
Guy: If you can tell me his name I’ll teach him some responsibility and respect.
Boss: Eman, what was the name of this stupid marketing responsible in this hotel?
I: Hmm, I don’t remember, but I guess it doesn’t matter any more. Let’s just forget about it, do you see any possibility of dealing with them?
Boss: I will only consider this possibility if I teach the sick bastard a lesson. Please Eman, go check his name in your address book.
I: Ok.
I go check out the name, only to find that the “bastard” is actually H.S. the guy in our office!!! I went to the boss’ office tried to make him understand that the guy sitting with him is the “bastard” he’s talking about. I stood behind the guy, looked at the boss and pointed to the guy. He didn’t understand.
Boss: What was the loser’s name?
I: Sorry I don’t have it. Must have written it somewhere on a piece of paper and it was lost.
Boss: No way, come on, remember.
I: It really doesn’t matter any more. If we remember him we’ll tell this gentleman here and he’ll do his job.
Boss: No, I need to know his name right now.
Guy: Ok, let me list the names of the marketing department to you, maybe you’ll recognize the name.
(I took a paper and wrote: the bastard is the one with us)
I: Sir, I forgot, can you please sign this paper for me, it’s really urgent.
Boss: Eman, nothing’s more urgent than teaching this bastard some manners.
(I go to his desk and put the paper in front of him)
I: Sir I’ll leave it here, just take a quick look at it and tell me if I can get the initial ok, client is waiting.
Boss: Later Eman, later, please.
Guy: We have L.L, S.D, ….etc.
Boss: None of them sounds familiar.
I: Sir I think Mr. H.S is trying to do his best to help you, why don’t we contact him later when I find the paper.
Boss: YES YES, H.S is the name of the ********* bastard.
(I wished he falls down unconscious to save us the embarrassment)
Guy: Sorry? What did you just say?
My boss seemed to have FINALLY realized that I was talking about the guy with us, so to make things worse he went like:
Boss: You are HIM!!!
Guy: You are talking about ME!!!
Boss: I will NEVER EVER deal with you.
Guy: Neither would I!
The guy left, and forgot his offer on the boss’ desk. 5 minutes later, my boss calls me:
Boss: Shit, his offer is a lot better than the one we have with the current hotel. Eman, do me a favor and work things out with him.
I: After all that’s happened, I guess we have no way of dealing with him.
Boss: You’ll find the right way, I’ll be waiting for a confirmation on the offer on my desk by next week.
The guy refused, so my GREAT boss talked to the manager of the whole hotel complaining about the service and requested a contract asap.
Till this very day, we got no offers from them :P