Friday, August 06, 2004

Work Diaries (7): New music collection

LOL! I really can’t stop laughing, this is so damn funny. Lol!
Well, the thing is, my boss has this special taste in music. He only listens to Beethoven, Mozart and this kind of music. Every once in a while he’d play a new CD he got from a country he visited. And although I love this kind of music too, but it all depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m really sleepy and stuff like Beethoven makes things worse. Anyway, he’d always mention that he stopped listening to Arabic music veeeeeeeeery long time ago because of his traveling. But now, and thanks to The International Carthage Festival , he comes every day with a new music collection of Arabic music and plays it all day long till I’m about to throw up of boredom.
Anyway, the trick is, he made up his mind to go to all concerts of the festival this year, and to enjoy himself, he can’t go to a concert with songs he’s not familiar with. Therefore he buys a CD with the top hits of each singer he’s going to a day or two before the concert takes place. He plays the CD till he’s satisfied with his “background” of the style and lyrics, and after he goes to the concert, and if he really liked the singer he goes on and buys as much albums as possible, and of course, his office is the best place for playing them :P
And to see a loyal fan of Mozart and Beethoven listening to new fast beat music with really stupid lyrics sometimes is just funny :D Today’s Amr Diab concert, so today’s CD is with Amr Diab songs, I have no problem at all ;) and while I’m posting here, Amr Diab’s Hit “Habeebi wala ala baloh” is playing in the boss’ office, and I can see the maid dancing her head off not knowing I’m actually writing about her, lol, bad, bad, me :D
Anyway, Arabic music has the nice and the bad in it. And the nice part is really great with talented people, beautiful voices and meaningful lyrics. And I guess it’s about time my boss knows Arabic music, the music of the world he belongs to. Still that doesn’t mean he has to play the CD over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……