Monday, August 02, 2004

Work Diaries (6): Hopeless Case!

The manager asked me to arrange with a driver, who is the stupidest person God could ever create, so that he’ll deliver a package to a client. I warned the manager of the consequences that may take place, but he insisted this driver is the best for this mission. So I called the driver and he came to the office.
I: Listen I need you to go deliver this package to Mr. …. Here’s his address and phone number in case you needed any extra details. Anyway, do you know the place?
Driver: Sure, it’s so well known, I go there all the time, plus you provided the address and a street plan, so even if I don’t know it, the plan will help me. No worries at all.
I: Ok, it’s 9:00, it takes you around 30 minutes to get there. We need this package to reach the client before 12:00, ok?
Driver: give me 40 minutes maximum and it’ll be there.
I: That’d be wonderful. You’re sure everything’s clear?
Driver: Sure, sure, please stop worrying will ya!
9:30 ----------10:00----------10:30----------10:35 I call the driver.
I: is everything ok?
Driver: Yes, almost there, don’t worry.
I: Ok, great, call me when you deliver the package.
Driver: No problem.
10:40---------11:00----------11:30----------11:45 again, I call the driver.
I: I was waiting for you to call, it’s11:45 already and I didn’t hear from you. Is everything ok?
Driver: No, I can’t find the place.
I: WHAT!! Why didn’t you call me or call the number I gave you?
Driver: It didn’t cross my mind, I just kept looking.
I: Are you kidding me? Don’t you understand how important this is?
Driver: I know, it’s just that time flew by without me noticing.
I: MORE THAN 3 HOURS FLEW SIMPLY BY!! Why didn’t you tell me when I called you earlier?
Driver: Didn’t want you to get worried.
(I almost got a heart attack)
I: Just tell me where are you now!
Driver: I’m in the street where you’ve put an (X) to mark the building.
I: So where’s the problem? Go to the (X).
Driver: I can’t find it!
(I break my pencil in two pieces)
I: I assume you’re in the start of the street with the (X), so the bus station must be to your right.
Driver: Exactly.
I: Just GO ON DRIVING TILL YOU REACH THE end of the street, the building will be facing you, with its name …… written OVER IT. Its number is 10.
Driver: I’m driving towards the end of the street, I can’t see the building.
I: Are you sure you’re in ……. Street?
Driver: Of course I’m sure, I’m a driver for God’s sake!
Driver: I can’t see any ends?! There are only buildings!
I: That’s because the street has a DEAD-END!!! WHERE YOU’LL FIND THE BUILDING …… NUMBER……. FACING YOU!!
Driver: There must be some kind of a misunderstanding, or maybe you’ve made a mistake.
I: Tell you what, I’ll call the client and make him send someone to meet you.
(I called the client and gave him the number of the driver just in case)
At 12:00 the client calls:
Client: We don’t want your proposal anymore ok!
I: Why? What happened?
Client: we call your driver, agree to meet in a certain place, we reach the place we don’t find him! We call again, and he simply says: “I waited 5 minutes, no one came, I turned back to where I came from!”
( I felt like killing them all)
I: I’ll deal with it, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I talked to the manager and told him about the problem which is caused by the driver. The manager calmed down the client, waited for the driver to bring the package, got it from him, had a BIG fight with him, then the manager went to the client in person and things went well.
When the manager came back to the office, he prepared another package. He came to me and went like: Eman, please call the driver (yes the SAME one)and arrange with him to go deliver this package to a client.