Thursday, August 12, 2004

Woman’s Day In Tunisia

Tomorrow August 13th, is an official holiday in Tunisia, it’s Woman’s Day.
The streets are full of signs with “Tunisian Woman Day” and “We Respect Women”, and stuff like that. Assi Al Hillani (a famous Lebanese singer) is throwing a concert on this occasion, and I’m sure so many women’s rights organizations and activists will be making speeches and activities to celebrate this day.
If you’re not living in Tunisia, then you must know that it’s one of the leading countries all around the world when it comes to women’s rights. But I personally think women are exaggerating sometimes. Women here asked for their rights, they got it, but it wasn’t enough for them, so they asked for more in the name of equality to men, till they overloaded their lives with duties and jobs, leaving men enjoying a less hectic and more comfortable life.
It is so impressive to see women working and living happily. It’s great to know they’re equal to men, but equality does not mean doing the same things, no. It means having full rights, being constructive and effective members in society and being protected from assaults or mistreatment. Freedom, independency and liberation of women, are definitions that got really mixed up because of some activists who unfortunately think, a woman can never be an equal to man unless she lost her femininity. Do I have to grow a mustache and have muscles about to explode just to prove I’m strong enough?!
From the beginning of existence women were born with their own responsibilities as females, and so were men. I’m not against women entering most of the fields that were exclusively for men, but I’m surly against treating men as competitors! Men and women are to work as a team, hand in hand, side by side, work can be in an office, at home, anywhere. As long as each has a duty, each has certain responsibilities, and both are happy, then there is no need to ask for more and more, it’s enough!
If a man buys the fruits, and the woman makes the juice, and they both drink it, then they’ve both played a role and they’ve both earned the drink equally. I don’t have to insist on buying the fruits myself and him making the juice! We should complete each other. Some women are tougher than their male partners, in this case, there’s no harm if she does the hard work as long as she’s happy with it and not being overloaded and as long as he’s helping her in other ways. But a woman should stop thinking that she’s never equal to man unless she cooks, works, drives the kids to school and back, goes out, cleans the house, and gets double the salary of her husband for example. This is slavery to a stupid useless idea. If the man is ok and can do his job, then both should make some kind of balance to guarantee a healthy comfortable relationship.
I just hate the fact that some women say they’re free and have their rights, when they’re working as twice as men, and being used every day of their life.
I wish women will really open their eyes and get their perfect role in life as working members, mothers, students and everywhere. It’s not in the quality of work, it’s the balance between rights and duties that makes the woman feel her freedom and be satisfied with her rights.
Anyway, happy Woman’s Day to all women of the world, specially the Tunisian woman, since tomorrow is her day:) Hoping all women will be as happy and well-treated as they wish.