Monday, August 16, 2004

Make A List

Get a piece of paper and a pen, consider today your last day of life, make a list of the things you’re really proud of in your life, the things that you consider the source of your happiness.

You might write job, but you wont write salary, you might write home but you wont write house, you might write blog but you wont write PC, you might write family but you wont write fights, you might write friends but you wont write enemies… In short, you’ll be listing the basic elements of satisfaction, warmth, love, and happiness. You’ll be listing healthy relationships, things you did and made a positive difference in your life or the life of others, things that symbolize the perfect balance between giving and receiving. You wont be mentioning your TV, or the size of your home, or your car.
Therefore never mix between what’s really important and what most of people use to evaluate your importance with. The real meaning of success is never what and how much you’re able to collect in your life, but unfortunately a lot of people waste their lives believing this is success… don’t be like them, and keep in mind that after you die nothing will really mean anything, your possessions will be thrown away, or, if valuable, they’ll be inherited by people who will die sooner or later and will mean nothing any more. The only thing that will make you remembered and will keep you alive after your death is your good deeds, your achievements. The nice words you said, the amount of smiles you forced on people’s faces, being there to help and support and being able to protect healthy relationships from being lost.
Reconsider your life, see the real important things. Don’t be ashamed of the small house of yours, or of the fact that you have no car. Instead, work on the real important matters. It’s never too late to start a list of proud achievements, and there’s nothing better than making this list bigger and bigger…