Thursday, August 05, 2004


Temperature was around 43 degrees yesterday, today it’s raining!!! I’ve never seen such a crazy weather anywhere else but in Thailand.
I hope the rain will make the weather a bit better, although I really doubt this possibility. It’s been terribly hot in the last couple of days, specially yesterday. The best word to describe yesterday –in my opinion- is OVEN!
On my way home yesterday it was so humid with a really hot breeze, as if one was sitting in an oven. This kind of weather makes me really lazy. All I feel like doing is either sleeping, or eating, or watching movies/ TV. I do feel like swimming a lot, but most of the time I’m just too lazy to move :D
From my office window I can see the rain drops evaporating the second they touch the boiling streets. Looks like the sun isn’t in the mood today, it’s hiding behind the clouds. Good for us, no one will be frying. But well, the fact that the sun and its rays are not visible doesn’t mean they’re not there. Heat is the same, and the sun rays are even more dangerous when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.
As for me now, I’ve been going through a very hectic period at work. I was mostly doing stuff I really hate, like reports and accounting for example. Today I was really fed up, I decided to take a break, a BIG ONE, so here I am eating some yummy chocolate biscuits that my husband brought yesterday, writing and enjoying myself. I just love this guilt-free feeling I get every once in a while :) It cools me down and makes me feel really fresh.