Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Gentle Word

Words are not simply some letters combined together with ink to decorate paper. Words are not meaningless sounds united to be uttered for nothing but fun. Words are not some signs put together as forms to be seen on screens and monitors. Words are much more important than that, words are magic.
With words, you can express your feelings, show your intentions and translate your ideas. With words you can show who you truly are, or, if you wish, you can create a character you wish you’d be. With words you can help someone, draw the attention of someone, get close to someone, support someone, trick someone, hurt someone, win someone, and even lose someone. Words can reflect reality, fiction, imagination, truth, and lies. Words do not force themselves into our minds, we force them out of our mouths. We can make words funny, serious, boring, helpful or destructive. It’s us who apply the magic of words, and unfortunately most of us prefer the evil magic.
A Bulgarian proverb says: “ a gentle word opens an iron gate”. Use words the right and most profitable way, not by taking advantage of someone’s kindness or stupidity, but by favoring your good side. Don’t let the evil in you take control of your thoughts, encourage your good soul, your kind heart and your loving nature. The more gentle your words become, the more gates you’ll open; the more gates you’ll open, the more chances you’ll get; and the more chances you’ll get, the more meaningful your life will be.
Let’s take the “F” word for example, it might trick you into thinking you’re cool, it might loosen up the tension you feel for some reason, but it’s all nothing useful. All of us can simply say that word, and all of us will feel the temporary satisfaction, but soon we realize it didn’t solve a problem, it didn’t sound appropriate to some people around us, and didn’t succeed winning the right kind of people’s attention.
Therefore, whenever you want to react to a certain situation using words, be selective; pick only the words that can be transformed into positive response and constructive action. Words that are waiting for humanity to re-discover and use to improve the quality of life and reflect a more gentle, more tolerant and more educated generation.