Thursday, August 12, 2004

Evil Competition

Aside of war, massacres and unfair sanctions, people are enjoying watching other people suffering, starving, being tortured and humiliated. Not only this, but somehow a person can no longer enjoy this life unless he/she kills or at least hurts someone else.
Evil is growing stronger and stronger, till this whole life is totally destroyed, which, I assume, will happen soon.
Now the main concern of people is to compete: who wins, who gets paid more, who looks better, who has more friends, who’s funnier, who has more affaires, who’s sexier, who has a better position…etc. I’m never against healthy competition; competing to improve, make progress, and make this world a better place. But unfortunately, this is not the case in most of the occasions. Competition nowadays is anything but healthy and good. It’s mostly for one of two reasons: a personal interest, OR hurting someone out of envy and jealousy.
This evil competition is present in all fields of life, specially at work.
Employees, instead of working as a team, they trick each other, steal each others’ opportunities, stand in the way of one’s success, spread rumors about each other, cause fights between each other, and are ready to hurt any one just to win the complete confidence of the big boss. The boss, who spares no effort in annoying his/her employees, underpaying them and underestimating their abilities and talents. Employers nowadays can never be happy unless they show disrespect.
I really don’t understand this! Work is a relationship of mutual need. Employers need employees and vice versa. And just like hundreds of employees are killing themselves to get a job, hundreds of employers are killing themselves to hire qualified and good mannered people.
Look around you, why isn’t work done in the right way and on time! Why should employees go begging for a raise when they do their work perfectly? Why should employers have their own “office-spies” to keep things under control? Why must clients threaten not to pay so that they’ll get their work on time? Why, why, why?!!
It’s all because of the cause-effect equation. Treat employees right, they’ll work hard, you’ll get work done on time, client pays you, all are happy, they work harder, you reward them, they trust you, work with loyalty, and things go perfectly. In such an environment, there will be no space but for healthy competition.
Don’t wait for others to start the cause, no, you be the cause, work hard, and give your best, if not appreciated, then move from the cause status to the effect status and look for the place where you’ll be appreciated.