Monday, August 23, 2004

Can't Wait :)

The last few days were extremely busy, I had so much work to do and for a moment I felt work will never end. But thank God, today I was done with the worst and most complicated part of my work.
What really got me laughing are the wonders the word “vacation” works. I mean it’s really funny when you ask for a vacation (a right of every employee) how the employers try to squeeze out the maximum of your time and effort, overloading you with stuff to do as if you’ve asked for retirement or for resignation, not a simple right: vacation.
This may explain why for the past few days I could barely lift my head up and rest my eyes for few minutes. That’s terrible, but well, who cares, I’ll be visiting my family soon, that will make me forget the most horrible moments I go through at work :) Ah, nothing’s better than VACATION :D