Thursday, July 29, 2004

Shopping These Days

For a while I’ve been trying to get myself a new pair of shoes and some clothes. But every time I go out shopping I turn back home with empty hands. The reason is the ridiculous fashion filling the stores. And the problem isn't only in Tunisia, but in all Arab countries as I hear, read and watch in TV channels. Only 2-5 stores are really great and offer a wide range of clothes that suits all types of people. Problem is, they're too expensive. As for the rest of the stores, I found nothing but these boring pointy shoes, if not pointy then with unbelievable high heels. Nothing but “things” to decorate your body rather than to cover it and protect it from the sun. This is so dumb. Fashion designers are using human body in the cheapest way ever. Not only women, but even men are starting to find the majority of their clothes turned into extremely tight, sometimes transparent, other times glittering shiny clothes! This makes me want to THROW UP! I mean why do we have to find stores with the “latest fashion” if the majority of us wont be buying this? Why don’t we have a wider variety to suit all tastes? Or are these so damn revealing-tight clothes and high-heel-pointy stupid shoes our visa to modernization?! What makes me wonder is that people in the Arab world complain about bad economic conditions, did it ever cross their minds that the reason is in their choices of what they’re selling?! It’s true so many people buy the crap in the stores these days, but are these people the majority? An article I’ve just read in The Star gives a good example of what I’m saying. The most interesting part was this:
“I have recently noticed that often the clothes in main shopping stores and malls are composed of mini skirts, very bare tops, jeans and not a lot of half-sleeved tops; yet clothes worn by people are modern, but certainly not that dashing. It makes me wonder where do the mini skirts go. Do women use them to clothe some of the dolls that they played with as children? Personally, I do not know of any girl that wears skirts that appear to be only slightly below the belt. It is not the short clothes, but the lack of variety in clothes and the fact that such clothes are not widely worn, which makes me wonder about how such goods are sold, and where is the market for such clothes? I have heard people say: Jordan has such a wide variety of clothes, and I thought to myself, well if that means latest fashion’s flimsy clothes then the statement is probably right. I walked in Sweifieh looking for a pair of classical sandals and all I could find were the Ali Baba sandals and slippers, and the joyfully colorful nylon sandals of orange, yellow, green and all the colors imaginable, with heels that compete with Eiffel Tower at very affordable prices”.
I believe people should start reconsidering what they sell and provide a wide range of clothes to match all tastes regardless of where it comes from and regardless of the latest fashion trends.