Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Seminude Protesters!

Animal Rights Activists and supporters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , PETA, have gathered yesterday from different countries to march through the streets of Pamplona/ Spain against bullfighting. The protesters were either wearing underwear or were topless. They had planned to run totally nude but could not because they didn't get the necessary town hall permit.
Isabel Gonzalez, head of an anti-bullfighting organization in Belgium, said: "The animals suffer, and nobody has the right to mistreat them just to stage a fiesta," she also said the running of the bulls also is inhumane because runners pull the bull's tails, kick them and "the animals run in a state of panic."
This year's festival begins Tuesday. The first of eight bull runs is scheduled for Wednesday. More Details
Personally I think bullfighting just for passing time and having fun is really cruel and should be stopped. Animals should not be tortured nor mistreated. Therefore I join the protesters and give them the full right to march against such a cruel act, on the other hand, I think in order to protest you need your voice to be heard and not your naked body to be shown. I mean marching with your clothes off will not give any extra effect to the protest, it will only give disrespect to the human body, make the protest look cheap and give joy for the ones watching… in case of beautiful bodies that is ;)
I really don’t get it! I mean anyone who wants to make change and show a strong will in fulfilling a certain purpose would go like: Ok I will march nude, or I will stay for days in the nude, or I will make a nude marathon. This is just pathetic, and no matter how great the purpose behind it is, involving nudity in it adds nothing, really. So please people you have brains, use them to reach out for everyone without having to humiliate yourselves over and over again. PLEASE!