Monday, July 12, 2004

Mustafa's Birthday

July 10th was my younger brother’s birthday. I can’t believe how quick time passes by. Mustafa’s already 21now! :) This is truly great. I still picture him as he was a little baby. He was one hell of a kid. He showed a great calm face, while he did everything naughty kids would do without getting our attention. For example, he’d be sitting so calm, smiling at us, while the carpet behind him would be burning because of the candle he spilled on purpose. He’d be smiling peacefully, to know later on that the cable of the fridge has been pulled out for a while, long enough to get the food inside it stinky! God! He was a great kid.
I also remember how my older brother Mohamed used to enjoy putting him in this little baby stroller and drive it so quick through the whole house. You can hear Mustafa’s (or Mos as we all call him) laughs echoing in the whole place :)
Mos is now all grown up, his kind heart and great sense of humor have grown up with him. I can feel he’s become a lot more mature than before, and I’m happy for that.
He grew fond of computers, all the credit goes to our great bro Mohamed :) MAK (Mohamed) used to gather his friends and work on university projects, play games, do some surfing and stuff, and he let Mos sit with him and his friends all the time. So Mos became familiar with PC’s and loved them ever since then.
When he wanted to decide what to learn in university, he had discussions with both Mak and MMM (my husband) and he ended up learning computer science :)
One thing I wished would really change in Mos is this extreme lack of time-order :P His sleeping hours, his studying hours, his free time, his meals, everything is just so mixed up when it comes to these things. But well, maybe later when he gets a job then he’ll learn to be more organized. Anyway, whether organized or not, he is responsible and successful.
We called him on his birthday, it was fun talking to him.
This is the second time in a row that I miss his birthday, I wish somehow I’ll be there with him and never miss any occasion he or any other member of my beloved family celebrates.