Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Muhannad Mshallah

Another new shock in Superstar. Muhannad Mshallah has left the program, thanks to the great tasteless audience who are voting for anything except real talents. As I might have mentioned before, I wanted Hussam, Muhannad and Ammar to be the three finalists. The disaster began with Hussam leaving, and the disaster continued yesterday with Muhannad leaving. Not to forget the disasters of Abeer Ni'meh and Wa'ad Al Bahri. This is complete nonsense. Now the only ones I believe deserve to stay are Ammar Hasan and Raneem Qutait. But I wont be shocked to find these two leaving as well. It’s not that others suck, they’re really good and they’re actually improving, but this whole Superstar thing is about making the best of the best get the title. And as I can see, the best ones are leaving one after the other. Muhannad Mshallah, what can I say, the great presence on stage, the beautifully amazing voice and the professional performance, he gave Superstar a special taste. People were waiting for him to perform every prime. But now he left, now Superstar is becoming more and more boring. And if Ammar or Raneem leave now, then it'll be complete bullshit and I will not watch the crap.
My expectations Raneem will be the next to leave, why? Because he’s better than Ayman, Bridgite and Hadi, and the people seem to be excluding the good ones from their voting. This is stupid, at least Ammar and Ranim should make it to the final stage.
And again, please Arab Superstar, we don’t have to take the rules of the international Superstar and apply them exactly the same. This is unfair. I mean if Superstar came originally from Lebanon and Germany liked it, would Germany stick to Arabic rules? NO! of course not. Because talents are different, levels differ too, and the whole situation is not the same. It’s time the Arab Superstar edit some meaningless rules, the voting should be only half the result, the other half is the jury’s opinion. Because if we go on like that, the Arab Superstar will be losing so many viewers, if not already.
Anyway, I believe Muhannad's talent reached the world, and the words great people said about him, the love of his fans and people's anger when he left are all a great motivation for him to never give up and go rock the world with his unique voice.