Wednesday, July 21, 2004

MISS WAR 2004!

Many decades ago the whole world used to celebrate the event of Miss War, where contestants are chosen according to specific qualification. It turns out this competition took place some time earlier, but this time they want it the modern style: the Reality-TV style. It is so real that people didn’t notice it’s the Miss War competition. Now we’re in the final stages, and one of the two finalists is about to be the lucky Miss War 2004. But before I tell you who are the lucky ladies, let me first give you an idea about the requirements of this competition. The Ad of Miss War had the following part in it:
“The candidates should have the following qualifications:
·Tendency to kill innocent people, not for the heck of it, but for society’ own interest.
·Aggressiveness, violence and racism are highly recommended.
·Great interest in destroying homes of civilians, either by mistake, or for security reasons.
·Great ability in manipulating Media.
·Creativity, this includes making up excuses, lies and necessary rumors… just to add some suspense, that’s all.
·The will to spread pollution and endanger environment… just to awaken the spirit of challenge in the candidates.
·The ambition to fill the world with blood and dead bodies, in order to revive earth’s dull colors.
·Professionalism in threatening others as often as possible.
·Miss War must have a degree in Architecture, specialty in ugly stylish “barriers” is preferred.
·A required skill is sacrificing your own people, EVEN if they’re against what you do.
·A MUST-HAVE is financial support, look around, and get the closest source for this.”

And now that you have an idea about the conditions and requirements, I’m sure you can guess the finalists, YES the finalists are: Israel and USA. They are the best. And what makes them very special is that while competing on the title of Miss War, they actually support each other in their campaigns. What a lovely spirit!
Wake up people, your voting makes a difference, let your voices reach the whole world, let them know who deserves the title more, and good luck…