Friday, July 30, 2004

Make Your Life Toxic-Free

You do a lot to keep your family healthy, but you may not have considered all the potential dangers of toxic chemicals in your surroundings. Toxic chemicals can be found in virtually all creatures and in all environments. An estimated 1,000 new chemicals enter the market every year, in addition to the tens of thousands of chemicals already in commercial use. Very few have been adequately tested for the threats they may pose to wildlife and humans. World Wild Life Organization has created a list of actions you and your family can take to reduce your consumption and use of toxic chemicals at home and in your community:
1.Buy organic cotton clothing, fruits and vegetables, and other goods.
2.Stop using pesticides. Green up your yard using natural methods.
3.Use environmentally friendly products in your home.
4.Avoid air fresheners and perfumed products. Freshen your air by opening windows, using baking soda, cedar blocks, or dried flowers.
5.Reduce use of plastic containers and food wrappings.
6.Urge your schools and communities to use non toxic cleaning products and to stop using pesticides.
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