Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lesson Of The Day

Every day teaches me something new, and since I go through so many experiences that add to my knowledge and right many wrongs in my lifestyle and principles, I thought I should share this with you, maybe what I learn would solve a problem of yours or help you make the right decision. Even if you don’t use what I learn, then you can at least add it to your information, who knows, maybe one day you or someone you know will need it.
Therefore I have decided to make a revolution in the world of quotes, no more famous sayings, no more old wisdoms, from now on I’ll be quoting people, everyday people, normal individuals I meet in the streets, in stores, or friends, or employers, or employees, or families, or relatives, or anyone that adds to my knowledge.
So from today, I’ll have a post called “Lesson of The Day”, in which I share what this life teaches me, and quote spontaneous words of a normal person, who meant nothing but have a nice chat in his life, not being aware of the change he made in mine.
Today’s Lesson is:
“Sadness is when the heart is loaded with bad experiences and bitter memories. If you want to be happy, you have to believe that your heart is a plastic bag with a big hole in it; whatever worries or sorrows are thrown inside, have no place to be kept or add up, they will fall from the other side” the oldest, wisest, and kindest taxi driver I’ve ever met.