Thursday, July 15, 2004

Good People :)

Yesterday we were invited to a gathering of a family I personally love so much. I knew this family through my husband. He’s friends with the son. So one day when the son came to visit Tunisia, we went to say hi, and we were introduced to the whole family. Ever since then, we’ve been seeing each other every once in a while. It’s true we don’t meet that much, but we always keep in touch. And every time we visit them I feel I’m at my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re so easy-going, so friendly, so loving and the whole atmosphere is warm. Add to this the multi-cultural essence of the gathering and the middle eastern cooking, yummy... Not that I don’t cook it, but when the people joining for food love this type of cooking, it feels different, more blessed and more appreciated.
The cute thing is, whenever the mom passes by me on her way to the kitchen or to any other room, she’d kiss me and ask: what do you think of the gathering?
10 minutes later she’d ask: are you happy? Do you like the cooking? Need anything? You’re at home, feel free…
There are people that you can’t but feel great with, for nothing but the true care and love they give. From day one I felt so welcomed, felt I was a member of the family already. Other than that, they helped me meet people around my age to make friends. And every time we go, the whole group is gathered. Just like the old days at my parents’. And this sure helps me go on in my life. I know nothing replaces one’s own family, specially when this family gives you all the love, care and support all the time in all circumstances. But getting to know such kind and good people helps out ease the pain of longing and decrease this feeling of being a stranger in a country you know you’ll be spending your life in.