Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Back in 1998 ...

Just like today, July 7th, 1998, in the summer course, I was getting out of a very boring lecture. Usually I’d go home straight after I’m done with my lectures, unless my friends gathered for lunch or something like that. But that day I had to wait an hour for a another extra lecture. Not knowing how I’d pass this hour, I decided to go out to an air-conditioned place to get a milk-shake or something like that. And as I was walking to the main gate, a friend of mine saw me and shouted out my name. She was in such a bad mood. She was trying to get a better schedule for the semester, but it didn’t work. She was so so angry that I couldn’t simply let her go to the registration section in that state of anger. She calmed down as I accompanied her and we talked a bit while we walked.
It was really a hot summer, and I couldn’t get my eyes off the university cafeteria or the “milk-bar” as the students used to call it :P. It was ahead of us and I was planning to get something to drink, when suddenly I looked to my right for no specific reason and saw a guy walking close to the trees, he had a biiiiiiig attractive smile ( I knew later where it came from) and at the very same moment my friend screamed: MARWAN! This “Marwan” came towards us and our friend Hanan introduced us to each other. All I knew is that he is Tunisian, studying in our university. She told him about her registration and schedule problem and he was like: Ok, I have nothing to do, I’ll come along.
To be honest, although I didn’t know the guy, but I was somehow pleased that he’d be with us. And so it was, the three of us went to the registration section. On our way there, only Hanan was talking, “Marwan” was just wearing a peaceful cute smile looking at me as if he knew me, this smile got me really confused!
When we reached the registration section, Hanan had to argue and work on her papers, when “Marwan” and I were standing next to her, we didn’t talk. I was starting to get bored, and before I felt so, “Marwan” spoke up, ever since then he never stopped talking until we said goodbye :D He talked about everything, he told me about Tunisia, where he comes from, his family, his studies, his live in Jordan, what he thinks of the university of Jordan, the food, summer, his way of life, almost everything. This guy opened up to me from the minute he met me. To be honest, his talkative manner was really impressive. I mean it isn’t easy to talk about different stuff, and it isn’t easy to get me interested in a conversation either, but he did pretty well, and I loved that.
After Hanan was done with her papers and things worked out well for her, we decided to go back to our faculty, the three of us were silent, a smile on my face and a huge one on “Marwan’s” face, and a shocked expression on Hanan’s ;)
When we reached university, I found some friends, so I said bye to Hanan and “Marwan”, and went away. While sitting with my friends I have come to a very interesting discovery, which is: this “Marwan” is the same guy I saw many months ago standing with another person behind Hanan while she was talking to me. I remember that day I saw him and he was smiling at me, and I thought he was a graduate (specially that I never saw him until July 7th 98). I liked his looks, I don’t mean only his attractiveness, but also how peaceful, respectful and mature he looked. Not like other guys who looked so childish and silly. Respect, maturity and peacefulness are things that I can guess from the outside, add to them smartness and care (which I get to know after conversation) are things that do really get my attraction and attention. Anyway, I didn’t know him then, but on the 7th of July I got to talk to him. I liked him, and after that day, we got to talk more, after a while, he got to meet my family in a party we had for our big brother who was leaving to Canada. He then started chatting with my brother, after a very short while the whole family loved him. He proposed to my parents, after a while we got engaged, and around 2 years later we got married.
This day did change our lives for sure, and what a lovely change it is :)
Oh the secret of the smile he wore all the time?! It turns out he knew me around a year before we met, and he was waiting for the moment we’d meet. And I can tell you that smile he had made me call him Mr. Smiley Face for a veeeeery long while :) Another thing I found out was the fact that he gets really pissed off if I write his name with an a: Marwan and not as they pronounce it in Tunisia (Marwen) :)
And now that we’re married, I can also assure you that he is anything but talkative :P And although I love people who talk and open up subjects and stuff, but that doesn’t mean that I feel less love for him. The weird thing is, not only me, but also my family have been always under this impression that he is a guy who can always talk. He always had things to talk about with everyone, he gave our gatherings a great taste and impressed us all, now I know it was just a temporary status :P But I love him no matter what, because other more important and basic things to me never changed in him, like his true love, loyalty, maturity, smartness, respect and care. Sounds enough for me to be head over heels in love, or what! ;)