Thursday, July 29, 2004

At 13:30

After a very nice and light summer last month –relatively speaking- I can say the serious Tunisian summer has just begun ;) But still it’s a lot cooler than last year. Thank God for that. There is a nice refreshing breeze after 18:30. But my problem is in me actually. I finish work at 13:30, the sun is so damn strong, and I feel vapor coming out of me the second I step out of the air-conditioned office. It takes no longer than reaching the ground floor and getting out the main gate of the building to start sweating, yes, it’s that HOT and that HUMID! Anyway, I don’t know why I feel so excited about shopping for stuff we need for home at that particular time of the day: 13:30. I really don’t understand why I always feel so active when I walk down the street, and I find myself crossing to the opposite side, where shopping stores and markets are, instead of getting a cab and heading home. Everyday around 13:30 I’d be either picking vegetables, choosing fruits, buying meat, pasta, milk, detergents or anything I remember is missing. And although I don’t spend more than 5 TND, but I end up with many bags. So imagine the days when our fridge is totally empty and I just feel like shopping rather than waiting to go shop later with my husband! I end up with really HEAVY bags, and then I have to walk the minimum of another 10 minutes with the bags in the sun, and stand at the end of the highway till I get a cab. I reach home melting!!
I should do something about that. I must resist this strong feeling of responsibility I guess :P