Monday, June 21, 2004

Work Diaries (3): minding my own business!

The other day the manager’s brother, who happens to be a TV & cinema director dropped by the office with a couple of people.
He entered the room next to me and left the doors open. It turned out the other two people were an actor and the writer of a certain script he was working on. Now the thing is, they were all gathered in an attempt to find a way to end the story :P I wasn’t spying, I just overheard them talking. At that day, I had loads of undone work to do, still I couldn’t but think along with them. What annoyed me is no one of the three could come up with something, while I came up with at least 3 ways to end it: a happy ending, or a sad ending or a mysterious ending. I must say, that although I thought this one passion of mine: “writing” has died, but it's still as strong as before.
Anyway, they spend 3 hours discussing possibilities in the room, and I was just wishing someone would come to me and ask: "so what do you think!" which didn't happen :D
The fact that they left the door open and were speaking loudly wasn’t enough for me to go share them my ideas. I was afraid of many things, such as them considering this step as spying, or interfering, or simply giving myself the right to discuss a professional writer and a well-known director. Another thing I didn’t want to happen was them thinking: look at her, instead of doing the loads of work she has to do, she’s just wasting time listening to what we say. So I decided to mind my own business and I just waited for them till they totally lost hope, said bye and left the office.
Whenever I remember this I just hope I had the courage to interfere, but then again not all people are prepared to welcome your opinion, specially if you had nothing to do with their work and profession. Well maybe if you know the people well and you're close enough then it's ok, but while at work, overhearing people you barely know and giving your "unasked" opinion wont be always as impressive as you wish it will be...