Friday, June 18, 2004

Why Didn’t I Think Of That!

I don’t know if it happens to you too, but it happens to me in most of the situations I go through in my life.
It’s when you’re asked a certain embarrassing question or when you’re asked your opinion in a sticky situation, or when you have to make a very serious comment, or simply when you’re writing the answer to a tricky question in the exam, you do something, and when you’re out of the room, or when the situation is to an end, you find yourself hitting your head against the wall, shouting: “GOD!! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT” or "WHY DIDN'T I SAY THAT INSTEAD!". So many times, I comment in a certain way, or I write down something, but when the situation is over, I find myself finding better options for my comments or answers, SPECIALLY when I have this feeling that I said something really great, to find out few minutes later that I said the worst thing ever, and have fallen for the trick, which the other part of the conversation has planned for. AAAH! I get so angry when I realize I could’ve said better things, or I could’ve dealt with a situation in a better way. And sometimes instead of feeling angry I can’t stop laughing, when I know what I said wont give a bad impression about me, nor would it result is bad consequences, so I think: ooops, that must have sounded really stupid!
I guess the reason behind this regret is the time factor. Sometimes we rush into conclusions, or we simply don’t give ourselves enough time to think the issue through because of being emotionally driven, or maybe because the situation itself is so urgent that we have no time to think enough.
And when we’re in a hurry, or when we let our feelings (anger, anxiety, fear, embarrassment, or love) be in charge, then we end up feeling not much satisfied of our ways in handling situations, or we feel bad about the words we’ve said concerning certain issues. Therefore, and no matter how hard it might be, one should take enough time to think the answer through first, if for any reason it was impossible to take time thinking, then at least try to control your feelings specially anger and fear.
And well, do what I do, no matter how embarrassed or angry I’d feel after saying something, I let it go so fast by saying one of these magical sentences: “I’m only human”, or “worse things could’ve happened”, or “I’m still alive”, or “I’ll make it up somehow” :) Making mistakes is part of our adventurous life, don’t be ashamed of that, but do your best to avoid as much mistakes as you can, at least by not repeating the same mistake twice. And if you’re making no mistakes at all, then it’s either you’re an out of this world person, lucky you, and stay like that :) OR you can be some kind of a freak believing you’re right and all are wrong, lol, in that case, take more time and try to look at things from different angles :)
Good luck to all and have a wonderful weekend :) IT IS FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAY :D