Friday, June 04, 2004

Turns out I’m A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T!

Same old story, people just enjoy accusing you of being stubborn, arrogant or similar things that you’re not. Hmm, to be honest I feel I’m stubborn in a way, but no way I feel that I’m even close to arrogant. Well maybe no one feels they’re what they don’t want to be, but from people around me I am so positive that I’m not arrogant. Actually a lot of friends and people we know wonder why they expect me and my family to be arrogant, and then when knowing us they realize we’re anything but arrogant.
Being arrogant is to me so much easier than being modest these days. People are fooled by their looks, talents, achievements, success or their financial status. They forget that looks are not what they made, it’s what God has given them, and so is talent. As for other things, then it’s ok express pleasure possessing certain things or being blessed with certain gifts, or being happy with the results of your hard work, but all this should be in form of happiness, appreciation and pride, and there is a very thin line between pride and arrogance. First is a right, an award to one’s self in return of hard work and good planning, whereas the second (arrogance) is an ugly mask to hide a weak complex personality that loves to show off what it happens to lack.
And it’s sometimes the fault of the person himself that people misunderstand his pride as arrogance, on the other hand, it could so possibly be others who have poor backgrounds of judging, or leave it up to what others say to build their judgments.
One thing I know, is that I am proud of who I am, where I come from and what I do. That doesn’t mean I’m best in the eyes of all, neither does it say that I’m the worst. There’ll always be ones who’ll just love me the way I am, others who’ll envy me for who I am, and some who’ll hate me also for who I am. But as long as I know I’m doing nothing wrong to be ashamed of, nor hurting anyone’s feelings, and never interfering in others’ private matters, then I’m satisfied and feel proud of who I am.
And just like there are some who think I’m arrogant, there are more than those people who just love the person I am, but well some always want to think I am arrogant to please their ego, lol, like guys back in university who started spreading rumors about me being a snob just because I never dated any of them :P or like those girls who work next door and say I’m arrogant just because I don’t join them for their afternoon gossip, lol, or those pharmacy workers who think I just want to show off my English skills when I ask for something in English and not in French after terrible failing attempts of explaining in Arabic ,lol, God! I must sound really arrogant, huh!! Anyway today the alarm of the Embassy next to us went off because of a technical error, and for security reasons –which I still don’t understand- employees in our building were asked to gather downstairs to answer some questions concerning safety and alarm systems and stuff like that. And there I ran into the ladies next door, they were like: here comes the arrogant employee next door.
I: what about a nice “good morning”? and may I know why I’m arrogant?
They: you say hi to the security man and you talk to the maid and you treat those “lower class” people such as the postman normally, but you never sit with the guys next door while all other girls do, we never see you flirting, all this and then you ask why we say you’re arrogant.
I: … lol, did it ever cross your mind that maybe I don’t simply “flirt” with guys because it’s just something I don’t do, neither before nor after marriage.
They: Oh, so you’re different huh!
I: call it whatever you like, I don’t flirt that’s all.
They: Ok why don’t you ever ask us for a ride home?
I: What makes you think I have a car in the first place?!
They: You look like you have a car! Why would we call you arrogant then?
I: So you call me arrogant coz I don’t flirt, coz I talk to other “lower class” and coz I never ask you if you need a lift in a car which you assume I have! And now that everything’s clear, do you still think I’m arrogant?
They: maybe if you stop using this different dialect that you’re using just to draw attention and show off then you wont sound that arrogant!
I: You know what!, maybe you’re right! Maybe I’m just arrogant… best thing to do is just greet each other in the morning and on our way out nothing more, you don’t want to be called arrogant, do you!
They: see, she confesses that she’s arrogant!! Didn’t I tell you!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Some people just get on my nerves!!!!!! Anyway, it’s about time for me to go home now, so I better stop here.
Oh, I almost forgot: need a ride home? I have one hell of a Ferrari waiting for me down there ;)