Monday, June 07, 2004

Stressed & Tired?… Breaaaaaaathe :)

Yep, just like you’ve read, if you’re tired, stressed out or suffering from pain and illnesses, then it might so possibly be your way of breathing. A lot of us don’t breathe correctly, they might not know that breathing incorrectly can produce tension, exhaustion and vocal strain, interfere with athletic activity and encourage aches and illnesses. Whereas breathing correctly can melt away tension and stress, improve energy or simply relax and unwind. This is because breathing oxygenates every cell of your body, from your brain to your vital organs. Without sufficient oxygen, your body becomes more susceptible to health problems. Deep breathing raises levels of blood oxygen, promoting health in many ways: from stimulating the digestive process to improving fitness and mental performance.
An important fact that so many might not be aware of is that most of us are “shallow breathers", as we use only the narrow top portion of the lung surface for oxygen exchange.
To know if you belong to the group of “shallow breathers” then put your palms against your lower abdomen and blow out all the air. Now, take a big breath. If your abdomen expands when you inhale and air seems to flow in deeply to the pit of your stomach, you're on the right track.
One of the reasons why people become shallow breathers is the psychological factor. Going to bed when you’re afraid, angry, sad or tensed, we hold your breath.
We lose that innate ability of pumping with the stomach. The lungs should just be a container and when we use them as a pump, they become overburdened and the muscles get tight, and with time asthma can develop as a result of such constriction. We can also lose the capacity for deep core breathing from a traumatic emotional experience, or physical pain. When we are in pain we want as little movement as possible. This again restricts breathing; later, when you are well, your breath may remain shallow.
Therefore, reconsider your way of breathing, make it deep, try to be in places where you can get as much fresh air as possible, wear comfortable clothes, eat moderately and healthy, and most important of all, be happy, solve your problems, and think like: nothing’s impossible, and I’ll figure it out somehow.
Happy breathing…