Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Professor Dr. Z. El-Naggar: A True Inspiration

Our generation is a lost one. I find young men and ladies living just because they’re alive, in other words, just passing time while they’re breathing, and mostly trying to have as much fun as possible while they’re living.
I find young people not knowing what to do, either because they see no point of repeating what others have already done, or because they’re bored and want something new.
I see people not bothering to look for a job, giving no damn if their parents need help or not, if something they’re doing is hurting others or not. They don’t believe in morals any longer, they think it limits their mind and their freedom. They don’t believe in religion anymore, they believe it’s useless. They don’t believe in God no more, they believe he doesn’t exist, he doesn’t deserve to exist. So if there’s no God, then who created us? They start looking, and re-searching, some get to answers they like because it gives them relief from any responsibility, and some get to answers they hate, because the answers proved them wrong, and some get nowhere.
I’m one of the people who don’t take this life as facts I should simply believe in. I think over and over and over. I was born a Muslim. My parents are, and so were almost all who surrounded me in my childhood. But I learned that Islam urges us to think and look for the truth. Islam does not believe in forcing religious facts into our minds, otherwise we wont have brains. When I became a teenager, I was somehow rebellious, I sat with dad for hours asking him about everything, honestly, I must admit that I gave him really hard times. I asked him things like where does God come from? Why are there 3 religions? Why do we pray? Why do we fast……etc. After I’m done with dad I’d go to mom: What are we created for? Why shouldn’t we steal? Why should we be good to others?…. At school, also my religion teacher had a share of suffering too: why this, what’s that, what for do we do that…
Everyone gave me a convincing answer, but inside me I wanted to prove them all wrong, just because I was one of those troublesome stubborn girls. So one day I decided to look for answers myself, I searched the net, most of it had nothing to do with Islam’s teachings, and so many information didn’t relate to God. That was so exciting yet confusing to me. I rented books of religion, philosophy, science and history. Figures were almost all the same, but ideas were totally different. I went back home and thought: I’ve rented books, read articles and killed myself looking for something to help me, but I never bothered reading The Quran, so why not take a look at it and see what it’s got! I spent months reading Quran, looking into several interpretations, and listing questions about everything spiritual, religious, historical, social, scientific, and medical I’d love to know about. Only then, I knew that I’ve wasted so much time, when all the answers I was looking for were just right there in front of me. I never knew that Quran was that practical, that relieving and that logical. It showed me the truth of things. And I never questioned neither the presence of God nor my religion ever again.
The problem is when friends ask me about God and religion and I seem so excited and so strong talking about Quran and the facts it has predicted ahead of our time and the facts it told us about ancient civilizations, they believe I’m just overreacting and trying to have them convert into Islam. And no matter how hard I try to explain, they only believe what they want to believe. I was wishing that someone would explain science, politics, law, relationships, sexual affairs, and the universe through the eyes of Quran so that they will understand I wanted nothing but give them the answers to the questions they were asking me, and to let them know what I knew apart of anything else. And yesterday I was watching Khaleek Bil Bait , a program of Future TV, presented by Zahi Wehbi. To be honest I’ve watched this program on some occasions, but wasn’t that fond of it until yesterday. Yesterday's host was Professor Dr.Zaghloul El-Naggar . An Egyptian Professor of Geology. He is a member of many scientific Societies and associations. He has published so many wonderful books about geology, and the miracles of Quran, and writes articles in Al-Ahram Newspaper.
Now what I loved about him is that he is so well educated, open-minded and can discuss with you everything so easily and without having to end up with a fight. He never loses his peaceful smile nor his control on his temper no matter what. As usual, such people are likely to be offended and criticized. He got calls during the program asking the most complicated questions, yet he always had an answer. Researchers and scientists gave some really powerful arguments to prove him wrong, but again he had the answer. And the beauty in his discussion is that he knows what he’s saying, with a very strong scientific and religious background. He was asked to give examples of research and studies from non-Muslim scientists, to prove what Quran says is right. With no problem at all, Professor Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar gave the most stunning examples from Nasa, as well as American, Russian, Hollandaise and Greek Scientists. All proved what Quran has mentioned thousands of years ago.
He gave people the reason to believe in God, he proved Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to be wrong, not only with Quran interpretations but even from what other non-Muslim scientists explained. He mentioned a wide range of books for others that are with Darwin’s theory and other books against it, books supporting believing in God and others against it. He was so great, I was so happy to listen to every single word he said. And I’m planning to post about his studies and proofs every once in a while for those who may be interested.
Dr. El-Naggar was asked about those who become Muslims, why do they become Muslims, whether scientists, or the American soldiers he met in Gulf War, or simply students of science. His answer was: Islam could not be proposed to someone and be rejected, unless of course this someone is not willing to listen with an open heart and mind. I’m sure whoever accepted Islam did only because they followed what their minds found most logical, and what gave them the most answers to their many questions. They saw that it takes human beings years and years of research to find a fact Quran has mentioned. And they saw that humanity has still not reached the key to many other facts Quran has talked about already.
There is a website for Dr. El- Naggar, currently it has only some of his work, but it will be open with more information very soon. TheLink
And last but not least, I must say that Zahi Wehbi did a great job yesterday :)