Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Plastic Surgeries In Sireh Wenfatahit

Sireh Wenfatahit is a very powerful show that I personally like so much because of the subjects discussed. It’s not a show that focuses on entertainment, although it’s entertaining for what it offers the audience, but the ideas of the show are not those shallow ones that aim at gathering as much people as they could, but it aims at creating a healthy debate to spread awareness and try give a helping hand for those who have been forgotten or neglected. It gives the chance to speak up loud for the purpose of improvement.
Yesterday for example, it was another very good episode, it discussed plastic surgeries from so many sides: their reasons, their average cost, their side-effects, their good and bad sides, the risk of going through a plastic surgery, the emotional involvement, the addiction to becoming perfect as well as liposuction surgeries.
The guest was Dr. Paul Audeh, a plastic surgeon, who discussed the experiences he goes through in plastic surgeries and the cases he came across, not to forget his consultation and his answers to the audience and those who called for help.
Now the very powerful part of the episode was the live- video recording of some plastic surgeries (nose adjustment, lip enlargement, and liposuction). To be honest, I only watched a tiny little part of the lip adjustment surgery, couldn’t watch it all, but for the others, I couldn’t even tolerate the idea of watching, can’t believe how could people watch this, and don’t know how Zaven (the show presenter) was able to watch and record all this live himself!
I was just checking his site ZavenOnline and saw the comments posted on yesterday’s episode PlasticSurgery . They’re about the do’s and don’ts concerning plastic surgeries.
I thought I’d have them here in English for those interested:
1. Choose a good doctor with a good reputation, and be sure of his credibility.
2. You have to feel comfortable with your doctor, this feeling is more important than the operation itself.
3. You should know very well what you want and what annoys you in your look.
4. Don’t lie to yourself.
5. Your expectations of the results of the surgery should be realistic.
6. Ask the doctor about the risks of the surgery, and all possible effects.
7. You should respect and apply all directions given to you before and after the surgery.
8. Preserve your look through exercising and diet.
9. Know the limits of the surgery, so you wont cross the red lines.
10. Ask for references or pictures for people before and after they had the same or similar surgery and try to contact them in person.
11. Consultation should include asking, listening and trusting.
12. Be patient and follow your own instincts.
13. Ask about the anesthetist that will be responsible in your surgery.
14. Choose the most appropriate time for you in the year for the operation taking into consideration the relax-period after the operation.
15. Compare the results of the operation with your condition before it, and do not compare the results to others.
16. Be optimistic on your way to the operation, you should be ready both physically and psychologically.
17. Be responsible for your choices and keep in mind that all possibilities may occur.
18. Be aware that pain will go and the result will last.
1. Don’t be crazy about perfection in looks.
2. Don’t go through a plastic surgery to please others or to win someone you lost.
3. Don’t let others scare you, and don’t care if they didn’t encourage you, they might do this because they envy you.
4. Don’t go for a surgery if you’re not emotionally stable, and don’t go for it as an attempt to escape pressure and problems.
5. Don’t provide your doctor with wrong information.
6. Don’t expect your doctor to take the decision instead of you.
7. Don’t consider that the technical effects shown on computer are realistic.
8. Don’t expect immediate nor total change in your look.
9. Don’t let the cost take control of your decision in having or not having a surgery.
10. Plastic surgeries aren’t only for the rich and famous.
11. Don’t go for a surgery just to look like someone. And keep in mind that having a specific feature of a celebrity wont give you his/her life.
12. Don’t panic when experiencing pain after the surgery and simply contact your doctor.
13. Beauty products, crèmes and massage are not an alternative for surgery in many cases.
14. Don’t be affected by others’ comments on your look after the surgery.
15. Don’t think that surgery is a matter of fun, or a matter of following the latest trends.
My personal opinion concerning plastic surgery is that it’s only necessary in some cases like when someone has been through an accident and got the face or body burnt, cut or affected in any negative way; or when someone is born with a birth defect or unbearable ugliness. Otherwise, going through a plastic surgery just to look sexier, or to improve the looks is nothing but surrendering to low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. We should be aware of the fact that a person consists of inner beauty and outer beauty, both complete each other, yet if we lack the good looks is no problem as long as we have the beauty of the soul and heart with the control of a good mind. But having the most beautiful looks when lacking the inner beauty means nothing on the long run, it will only give temporary pride and some admirers who look for quick pleasure. Be yourself, believe in your natural beauty, and leave plastic surgeries for those who really need them. Because I’m really fed up with women looking all the same with these small pointy noses, filled lips and rounded cheek, all with same physical measurements and same outside looks. This is just pathetic and it’s such a shame to see people nowadays so dependent of sex-appeals and artificial perfectionism in looks… Get a life for God’s sake!