Monday, June 14, 2004


Is the name of the younger boy of my sister. Today he becomes one year old. And although I haven’t seen much of this boy, but the few moments I spent with him were more than enough to make me feel so close and attached to him. He’s so good looking, so naughty and so so loveable, just like his brother Hammoude :) By now he should be on his way to make his first steps, and to pronounce his first few letters, GOD I DIDN’T WANT TO MISS THAT!!!
A sweet coincidence is that Omar and his brother were born both on the 14th, and on Saturday. Only Omar was born in June, when Mohamad was born in April :)
Anyway, I wont let his birthday pass just like that, I will CELEBRATE :) yes, I will, I’m going to play the video my sis sent me of him, his brother and our whole family… thank you sis, this tape is keeping me alive.
And well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMMOURA, may God bless you with health, happiness and a long life :)