Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My Result For Finals!

I went after work as fast as I could to the nearest bus stop, and fortunately the bus arrived just on time, and more than that, a woman gave me the place of her son :) wish all would do like her.
Anyway, these were all really good signs, BUT then I reached the institute, found no one from my class (most probably they saw the results earlier) and then started searching for my name. I found 10 lists stuck on the wall, each had the name of the teacher and the level of the course and the number of the classroom. I found our classroom and our teacher as well as our level, BUT I DID NOT FIND MY NAME ON THE LIST :(((((( and when the name is not on the list it means the person did not pass the test. But something inside me told me I passed, so I looked closer on the list (which had VERY SMALL WRITING on it) and I found out that it wasn’t our class because there is this little TINY note in the corner that shows the class time, which wasn’t ours. Anyway, while looking for the result I heard someone calling my name, I turned around and it was a colleague in my class :) He was upstairs looking for our list as he couldn’t find it and it turns out it has fallen on the ground (must be some really angry fellow) and they had to replace it, and hang it some other place, we went there, and there was my name shining like a star, lol :P Yep, I DID IT!!! I Passed the final :) I couldn’t know the marks though, but who cares, I passed, yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But well some other colleagues didn’t make it and I was sad for them :( I wish them a better luck next year.
Now passing the test means I will be able to go for the oral exam on Thursday, lol, that will be one hell of a disaster. I understand a lot better than before, and I write so much better than before, and I have a lot of vocabulary entered in my brain :P but for a whole conversation with many questions from 3 professors, that would be a bit hard.
Hope I’ll make it and pass the oral exam as well :)