Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our Lovely Sister

Yesterday was my sister’s wedding anniversary. It’s already been 5 years :) Yes, and they have now two wonderful little boys. I miss them all.
Just like today, 5 years ago, my sister and her husband were still on their way to Spain for their honeymoon. They left some hours after their wedding, had to stop at Paris, got their stuff lost, therefore they’ve missed their flight to Paris, which resulted in them reaching Paris late, finding out that the travel agency believed they’ve changed their plans and so lost hope in having them that day. They tried to contact the agency only to know that they’ve lost the papers on which they have the contacts and the address, so they called us instead and then they went on for their honeymoon which from what they’ve told us turned out to be amazing.
I remember how 5 years ago, my brother came all the way from UAE (or was it Canada? I got mixed up, no he was coming from UAE and leaving to Canada) anyway he came all the way to attend the wedding, he got off the plane to home, got changed for the wedding so fast and there he was among the rest of us dancing and singing for our beautiful sister and her husband. Next day he had to leave few hours after the fresh married couple left for their honeymoon.
Ah, only now I understand how hard it should’ve been for our parents back then to realize the day has come when each one of us will go on to live their own life in their own new home…
Anyway, the wedding was terrific, everyone was so happy for them, and talking specifically about my sis, we were over the clouds to watch her in her beautiful white dress dancing, cutting the cake, taking pics with her friends and us, she was so damn beautiful, simply like a queen in a fairy tail… no one new back then that she’ll be in Canada 5 years later!! And I never thought that I’d be in Tunisia writing this about her instead of recalling those sweet memories with her face to face, reminding her of the tiny details of that day and how great it felt to watch her in her wedding day shining like a star.
After my sis, her husband and my bro left, the house felt so empty, so calm and so still. We were all dead tired after the wedding, and we just talked about how beautiful and warm the wedding was and how we wished they’d have a great honeymoon and how we were worried about our brother as he left.
We thought: now, a new member was added to our family, yet at the same time two most loved members have somehow left us.
Thinking of it, thinking of all those tiny little details about our family, I can’t help but feel like being with them right now at this very moment to tell them how much I love them, how much I miss them and how great it feels to belong to them. And remembering all this, along with the hard times and the difficulties that we’ve been through, are going through, and might go through in future, I know very well that nothing will tear us apart no matter what, and that whatever bad circumstances we might ever be put in, we’ll be nothing but the great special family that will stand by the one in need, support each member that belongs to it and be there for every single member in every single way.
A great family grows with its added members and becomes stronger with every problem it faces and every experience it goes through… I love them all, and I’m proud of being a part of them.