Tuesday, June 15, 2004

French Course Certificate

Yesterday I got my result for my whole French course. The grade of all tests (written and oral) all through the semester where calculated to get a result out of 20. Now the higher grade was 15, second came a 14, and third was 13.75 which belonged to ME. YES!! I came third, didn’t actually expect it to be that good, but well, I’m so happy for the result.
So no more French lessons. It’s such a weird feeling, I consider it such a relief, yet I already miss the class, the people, and my busy life style when I had French. Ah, this is human nature I guess, never satisfied. But I think this way is better, I need some time for myself and for home. So starting from today I’m going to re-organize my life according to my new schedule :) If any of you is waiting for the result of a certain test then I hope you all pass and get high grades :)