Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fight Weight Gain At Work

So many employees complain about the fact that they gain weight rapidly while they’re at work. This is due to many factors, factors that an employee should be aware of to take care and keep in shape.
1.Stress = overeating: Having loads of work to do, little time to get it done, being limited to tight deadlines, your phone is ringing all day long, all this causes stress, to de-stress yourself it might be the easiest and fastest way to turn to eating. But a better way is take a quick break.
Try this quick de-stressing movement for your eyes: "Look away from the monitor and raise your eyes to the ceiling. Then look down to the floor as if your eyes are following a column. Move them up and down three times while keeping your head and neck still — it's yoga for your eyes."
2.Strengthen your muscles: Desk jobs help loosen the muscles and gaining weight, in order to avoid this you can exercise WITHOUT cutting in to work time. Here you go some quick excercises:
(a)The Desk Workout: sit up straight and squeeze in your stomach as you lift up on your toes to tighten your calves.
(b)The Phone Workout: Whenever you pick up your phone, stand up at your desk to give your body a stretch and an energy boost. As you talk, one arm can do small circles, which help tone the upper biceps and triceps. Or, if you have a headset (and enough room for your wingspan), try circling both arms.
(c)The Copy Machine Workout: When you're running off a big batch of documents, don't just stand there while the machine sorts your reports. Do a set of lunges or march in place to get your blood flowing.
3.Boredom: Some think they’re hungry when in fact they’re only bored. If you’re not seriously hungry don’t eat, move around the office instead. BUT if you’re really hungry then try to eat something healthy you brought from home with you or a quick “pick-me-up” snack, like a teaspoon of peanut butter for example.
4.Work for it: Don't store snacks in your desk. Instead, keep them in your office kitchen or ask a co-worker to hold them for you. That way, you'll have to make a conscious effort to get up and move before you can reach for a treat.
5.Be selective: Choose restaurants that offer healthy meals.
6.Control your thirst: Sometimes you get so involved in your work that you can forget to stay hydrated. It’s important to drink the needed amounts of water. Water can help curb the snack impulse and you can use water bottles to do some lateral raises, bicep curls and shoulder presses right at your desk.

Here are 5 great at-your- desk stretches that will help you stay fit :)

Source: Is Your Work Making You Fat?