Thursday, June 24, 2004


Remember the story of the street we live in. How it’s constantly being repaired, and that the water is cut and telephone lines are affected because of this. Well ever since then (ever since we lived there since 8 months) this poor street is not yet repaired. Enough is enough! Not only are we, the people living there suffering from the annoying reparations, but also water is wasted in the streets every now and then, the place has become all dusty, which is causing pollution to the poor people living right there. Thank God it’s just a way to our place and not where we actually live. Add to this the huge financial loss of the government. They spend a fortune on repairing this thing and then after a couple of days one can see the repairing trucks again breaking the infrastructure and digging down the ground.
I’m really FED UP! Therefore I’ve made up my mind to write a petition, complaining about the status of the street and requesting serious and immediate interference in repairing it once and for all. It’s ready to be handed out to the people in charge. My only problem is: I DON’T KNOW WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE IN CHARGE!!!