Monday, June 14, 2004


Everywhere I look around me, I see fear controlling people. It’s rare to find someone living without fear. This is the sad truth that a lot of us pretend to ignore.
Our acts, our movements and our sayings, they’re all put in action after we’re given the green light from our brains, our brains that keep thinking, assuming and looking at all possible reactions or results of the things we’re about to say or do, and after this quick (and sometimes very slow) scan is done, our brains finally give us the green light, or command us to stop and forget about it.
I hear people say: “money is power you can’t fear when you have power”. But I find them living in fear of losing that power. I hear people shout: “we fear nothing, we tell the truth and say what’s right”, and what a coincidence! It turns out the truth they tell is the same one of the ones with power, and the right they see, is what others before them saw was right! Yeah, they fear nothing, they’re just scared to cross the lines of those stronger than them, or put new rules different than those put by those before them.
I hear people scream: “we fear no one but God”, to discover later on that God has become a high position or a fat stuffed wallet. I hear people laugh saying: “we fear no one, even God”, to find out they fear everything including God.
Everyone today is full of fear. Fear of losing wealth, fear of having bad reputation, fear of being neglected, fear of losing love, fear of getting sick, fear of not getting enough attraction, fear of finding no help, fear of losing power, fear of becoming older, fear of getting fatter, fear of becoming uglier, fear of being lost, fear of being hurt, fear of getting killed, fear of being dumped, fear of being loved, fear of being misunderstood, fear of risk, fear of this, fear of that… FEAR! It’s because of fear that we hide instead of showing up, lie instead of telling truth, hurt instead of love, runaway instead of standing up for ourselves and standing by others, kill instead of save, attack instead of defend, and it’s because of fear that we go down instead of going up.
Fear is a part of us. It’s ok to have it as long as it wont affect others and as long as it wont control your personality. This is the healthy kind of fear. The kind that makes us better people, more careful ones. But when fear becomes an illness and lets us act according to it, force us to lie and hurt because of it, then this is definitely the destructive kind of fear.
Be strong, believe in yourself, believe that you were created for a reason, be careful, but never surrender to the destructive fear. Because if you do, you can’t imagine how ugly, meaningless and lost you will be…