Friday, June 11, 2004

Every Friday

On the end of every week I find myself feeling so happy, I count the seconds till it’s finally 5 p.m. Every Friday I say to myself: I will rest this time, I’ll spend my weekend relaxing and enjoying myself. Then I add some housework to use the advantage of being home. Every Friday I can’t wait till it’s time for “La Yomall” which is a program on Future TV, “La Yomall” means: something you can’t get bored of, it’s so damn funny and criticizes a lot of things in our life. I just love that show. It makes me laugh from the heart. I remember this time when my husband and I were watching this episode about the sticky kind of salesmen, LOOOOOOL! We were on the ground laughing like crazy, with tears filling our faces, LOOOL! It was simply AMAZING. I even called my family to let them watch it, looool :P it was wonderful. And I love it when they imitate singers and celebrities :P they’re some really talented actors. You can watch it at 7:30 p.m. (Tunis Time ;) ). If you don’t watch it, then you’re missing some big time.
And although I’m not much into Miss Lebanon 2004 Reality TV, yet I love the primes with their decorations, their dances and the shows. Unfortunately it’s the same time of “La Yomall”. But can watch either of them some other times too. “La Yomall” is available on Friday again at 12:00 a.m. (Tunis Time) and Miss Lebanon 2004 Prime is to be watched on Saturday night I guess, not sure though.
Lol, there is this funny thing about Friday that I always do, which is trying to stay up all night watching TV, when in fact, and after a busy day, I can’t but fall asleep as usual around 11:30 p.m. That is sad, I love the night life of weekends, but still I love waking up early on Saturday, knowing I have the whole day without having to go to work, wow, what a great feeling. I wonder why don’t they give us a whole 3 days for weekend, or an extra day off in the middle of the week. I love weekends, and I hate to feel them pass quicker than the rest of the week!
Anyway, I wish you all a happy weekend, enjoy yourselves and have fun :)