Monday, May 17, 2004

World Economic Forum In Jordan 2004

3 weeks after the Aqaba Summit, Jordan hosted the World Economic Forum 2004 from 15- 17May, in the Dead Sea, with the Slogan: "Facing the Real Challenges: Partnering for Change, Peace and Development".
Headlines of the forum were: globalization, stabilizing the political situation in the Middle East, fighting poverty and improving the economical situation in the region.
More than 1200 politicians and businessmen participated in the Forum.
I have watched a part of King Abdullah’s speech, and must say it was pretty impressive. He discussed the Palestinian and Iraqi issues and stressed the need to solve the problems in the Middle East in the most efficient way that will bring justice and peace into the region.
On the other hand, there were people who weren’t happy with having the Forum hosted in Jordan, saying it’ll have negative results on the country in the long run.
The forum was carried out with the highest security precautions, guaranteeing the success of this forum. For more information about the forum check here: English and Arabic .