Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Will We See The New Photos & Videos of Abuse?

What we’ve seen is more than enough to keep us disgusted and angry many many years to come. Yet there are more videos and photos that have been not shown to public till this moment. Photos and videos that Rumsfeld warned “may be even more shocking”, if there is anything more shocking than what we’ve already seen.
A “representative sample” of the new set of photos of Iraqi prisoners being tortured and abused, were shown to Bush. "The president's reaction was one of deep disgust and disbelief that anyone who wears our uniform would engage in such shameful and appalling acts," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.
Larry DiRita, the Pentagon's chief spokesman, told reporters that in addition to the photographs, the Defense Department has in its possession a couple of dozen short videos of varying quality that also show abuses being committed.
Whether those new photos and videos would be released for public, no body knows. Some see it necessary to release them as a part of democratic dealing with the issue. On the other hand, some officials find it better to keep them confidential to avoid more anger and chaos.
To me, I can’t stand a single new photo, it is really terrible, but whether I’m shown more or not, I am sure that what pictures have captured doesn’t even come close to the real sadistic behavior of the disgusting so called soldiers. And I know, just like others already know, that the pictures which have got us all feeling like to throw up in a second, were nothing but a part of a months and long days of suffering of our Iraqi brothers and sisters.
May those pieces of garbage irresponsible sick soldiers be all executed, and still it wont be enough to make it up for the loss of pride, humanity, and dignity, Iraqi prisoners have experienced.
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