Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Where Is The World!

Once again, as usual, we hear of new terrible acts taking place in Palestine, killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians.
Every time, we hear of a new reason: Israelis want to defend themselves, they want revenge for someone killed by Palestinians, they want to build a wall, they want to help in war against terrorism…blah, blah, blah.
Latest irresponsible and brutal act is raiding Gaza . Now what for are they doing this, I don’t give a damn, because there is always a very good excuse they come up with. But what I care about as a human being is the constant suffering of Palestinians. When the two Hamas leaders were killed, Palestinians wanted to do something, they knew that no one would stand by their side, and they knew that Israel will get away with the assassinations so easily. Yet when they did some attacks, the whole world felt sorry for Israelis who are being killed. So it became their right to defend themselves and kill as much Palestinians as they please.
So the bitter fact is, when Palestinians are assassinated, killed, tortured, and when they are losing their homes, careers and future, any attack from their side to defend themselves and get back their rights is immediately condemned and interpreted as an act of terror, while Israelis can do whatever they wish –with or without excuses- and the whole world will “understand” their position, and will support them as they fight for their “rights”.
I really don’t know what to say, this is a crazy jungle we’re living in, no rules, no rights; the only language spoken is power: power of money, power of media, and power of weapons.
God be with you Palestine…

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