Wednesday, May 05, 2004

When People Are Ready To Do Anything To Hurt

It always amazes me to know that there are some people out there who are actually willing to do whatever it takes to hurt someone who has given them trust, love, good treatment and loyalty.
I have been through some experiences in which I was put in weird situation, finding people causing me trouble, telling lies about me, destroying my hard work, in return of a great relationship from my side. The first time I went through this I was really shocked. Couldn’t believe people could become so cruel and stab me in the back for nothing bad I’ve done to them.
And lately, I’ve been living the same experience, but this time it’s not me in person, it’s somehow a situation in which I’m indirectly involved.
A bunch of people who were trusted, loved, and taken as family members, are sparing no effort and no trick to hurt a very dear person. They are lying, faking stuff, and even jeopardizing their reputation to convince others that this person is bad. And I can’t believe how cheap these people can get just to win sympathy. I can’t believe how cruel they can be to warn anyone of being on the side of this person. And I can’t believe how greedy they are to do anything to win some few Dollars.
Was it wrong that this person trusted them? No, it wasn’t, how would you predict that people, for which you open the doors of your house, welcome in your life and offer love, trust and respect, would turn to be some selfish destructive bastards! Oh, how many people have become professional actors, how hard it is to trust anyone these days. How shitty people can become for the sake of money, and how disgusting it is to know they believe they could buy manners and principles with the money they steal out of innocent loving people.
One fact is: they might succeed in annoying others, they might succeed in being a pain in the ass, they might succeed in buying the manners and principals of some weak losers, but they can never succeed in winning the respect and true love that they have once had. They will never succeed in leading happy lives, because happiness can never last when based on the destruction of others. And most important of all is the fact that even if they succeed in stealing people’s money, they will never succeed in stealing their happiness, why! Because as these people prove how shitty and terrible they are, the one getting hurt will never cry one tear on having them out of his/her life for good. In fact that person will be praying to God day and night for saving him/her from the company of these cheap garbage. This person will keep going, walking their way, living their life, with one little difference: strength. Yes, they wont be heartbroken as others might expect, they wont be victims of depression nor failure, they’re be stronger than before and will open a new white page, in a new bright day, to go for the many chances awaiting them, the many challenges waiting for them, and this bad experience will be nothing but a memory of a situation that has made them stronger and full of hope of a better future. And well, hard luck to all those people out there, who are wasting their time annoying others, and paying desperate effort in trapping them. As for you, who has been lied to, show those losers, what it’s like to be human, and how it feels to lose you…