Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Welcome Summer… Welcome Swimsuits!

Winter collection was on sales then all shopping centers have changed their façades with the new summer collection, mainly consisting of swimsuits. The funny thing is, I really don’t get the idea of swimsuit designers. I have seen terrible designs that cover basically NOTHING. The material is so thin and delicate, low cuts, backless with transparent front, bikinis that are too thin, with lose ropes on the sides to “keep them on”, in short, they’re swimsuits that only add color to the body of the lady (if it wasn’t one of those new skin color models). Those swimsuits range from $ 75-350, just to convince people that the lady is actually wearing something. This is really stupid. This is so humiliating for women, who actually think they’re being so cool and sexy. Swimming is NOT about getting as much naked as you can, it’s about “SWIMMING” , moving in the water and feeling God’s greatness in creating the sea, the waves, the creatures living in the sea and the beautiful stones of it. But I guess seas, rivers, and oceans have become only a place of turning on each other, showing off our bodies, kissing and touching in the water, rather than appreciating such a bless. Who cares about the greatness of the sea when there is this sexy guy or that sexy lady with their wet bodies available to enjoy!!
We have turned everything sex-oriented, paying no attention but to sex-appeals, caring about nothing but sexual pleasure… shame on us, what have we become…