Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Weather Has Gone Mad

Oh my GOD! It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I mean SUNNY. It was really beautiful, and now look at it, all of a sudden it’s windy, cloudy, raining heavily, and it’s so damn dark outside. :((((( I thank God that I followed my husband’s advice in the last minute and got my umbrella. He was like: “you never know, weather is unpredictable and crazy these days. Take it just in case”. So I took it, the small one :( so again it wont stand the wind and I’ll have to take another shower on my way home.
God, when the weather is like that in the beginning of the week I feel how long this week will be. I mean this weather is for nothing but being lazy. And I can hardly keep my eyes open :P God, is this day long or what!! I WANNA GO HOME!
Ooops, the wind is blowing, rain is falling, it’s getting stronger, and stronger, and strongeeeeeeeer. Hope the cancelled the flights today.
This weather is sure crazy!! It’s not only that, but I have something to admit, I hate strong thunder, every time I hear it, I feel my heart beating really fast, yes, unexpected for someone of my age, but it’s unfortunately true.