Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Vegetable Orchestra!

Yep, that’s true. Vegetables are no longer tasty things to eat, but also things to enjoy listening to. Three men and six women, all from Vienna, have been working on the first and only vegetable orchestra in the world, using simple kitchen tools. According to the group, their self-composed melodies present a "transfer of electronic music pieces and structures to the instruments of the vegetable garden."
. Each instrument has its own unique sound, and when blown, banged and rubbed together they create an interesting, entirely new blend. the orchestra uses 40 kilos of vegetables for every concert. Each one is freshly sliced and peeled no sooner than an hour before each performance. Matthias Meinharter, who plays a violin fashioned from leeks says: “Size, texture and water content are vital to achieving the correct sound”. In order to keep the “instruments” from drying up during the performance, the musicians drape damp cloths around them. But because the instruments are organic, nothing is predictable and sometimes one of them fails to create the right sound, making each performance different that the other.
The vegetable aroma spreads with the lovely tunes, affecting the appetite of the listeners, therefore, and to satisfy the listeners to the extreme, all instruments are turned into a vegetable stew at the end of the performance for the listeners to eat :). I think the idea is really creative and nice, specially that these big amounts of vegetables will not be thrown away, yet I can never imagine myself eating something other people were blowing through, or touching all the time :P But then again, not all actually care.
Source DeutscheWelle