Friday, May 07, 2004

Thank God It’s Friday

Finally this very long week has come to an end. I worked toooooooo much during this week that I feel I can’t make it to the end of the street. I am so so exhausted, and can’t wait to reach home.
The fact that I had my birthday yesterday didn’t rescue me from extra work :( I had to stay an extra hour and a half working my head off till I could no longer tell the difference between colors :P Yes, it was one of those boring all day office work tied to my stupid chair facing the screen with my hands replying to emails, typing faxes, and creating charts :( As I was FINALLY done my poor fingers couldn’t stand still, lol, it was as if I had an invisible keyboard in front of me, lol, that was pathetic.
I really thank God it’s Friday. Which reminded me of this restaurant in Beirut, TGI Friday :) I was 20 years old back then, and was wondering what this big TGI stood for! And then I saw the Friday and knew it was Thank God It’s Friday. They served yummy meals :P
Anyway, now that it’s Friday, I hope I will have enough sleep, relaxation and rest. But I know in advance that those words were not made for me. I mean, I really have no idea how do I always end up working all through the weekend. I simply love taking care of our home, I enjoy cleaning it, I enjoy having it smell sweet, specially white musk, my favorite :) if not then strawberry, apple, papaya or vanilla would be fine. But loving to have my home clean doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t wish for it to be shining without me paying effort for a change :PP and since that’s difficult to be realized, I can’t but spend my weekend with the non-stop activity button clicked on. But will I have decided to pamper myself a bit, which is something I enjoy as well. You must be wondering: what a contradiction, being restless yet enjoying pampering herself! That’s true, they might seem a bit of a paradox, but well, even when I pamper myself, it is really quick :P
Anyway, I wish you all a happy weekend and hope we’ll be hearing some good happy news of the world. Everything seems to be getting only worse, war all around the world. Fighting, killing, abuse, humiliation, starving, pollution… what a crazy world! But we shouldn’t lose hope, and we should always pray to God that peace will come back to Earth. Who thought a day would come when human beings would think that peace would be some kind of a miracle, a wish to make.. God what have we done to the world!!