Monday, May 17, 2004

SuperStar 16.May.04: The Toughest Decision!!

Yesterday’s episode was one of a kind. Despite the fact that all participant who have passed to the second level were very qualified, yesterday’s participants were all over qualified. The episode was a collection of the strongest and most talented. It is very very hard to choose and compare. Each has a special good side, and all had the beautiful voice. Of course that doesn’t mean that the ones earlier were less talented or had worse voices, it’s just that yesterday was a very unfair gathering for voices of such beauty and power.
The participants were:
From Jordan: Nancy Petro
From Tunisia: Ashraf Al Kshou
From Lebanon: Mohammad Barraj, Fayyad Younes,
From Syria: Houssam Madanyeh, Samar Touieity, Mahmoud Kassir, Hala Erslan
From Libya: Rida Jaafar, Ayman Al Aatar
From Iraq: Rahma Mezher, Shaza Hassoun
From Egypt: Mahmoud Abdelaziz
From Saudi Arabia: Mamdouh Abdel Hai

That is so unfair, I mean all those talents will be relying on luck rather than qualifications, so much will be lost and only one will be lucky enough to continue.
But I personally loved: Nancy, Ashraf, Fayyad, Houssam, Hala, Rida, and Rahma… Oh, no, GoD!!! They were all good!
Can’t wait to know the results, specially that there will be 2 results tonight: the 2 who’ll pass yesterday’s episode, and the ones who’ll be given a second chance.
Good luck to all…