Monday, May 03, 2004

Such A Weird Day!

It’s not enough that I didn’t get enough sleep last night. And it’s not enough that I’m having one busy day at work, no, the weather HAS to become so windy, the sky has to turn orange, and to give it a romantic touch, it rains every now and then, and not any kind of rain, no, sandy rain :( Wait a second, what the hell is that?? What’s that thing knocking heavily on the window!! OH MY GOD!!! It’s this, hmm, what do they call it!! It’s not snow, it’s this icy stone-like drops. I forgot its name! Oooops, looks like the windows of the cars on the streets are getting scratched, lol, here is an alarm that went off, Oh my God, a car has already lost a little part of its window, I can’t see that of course, but I can hear the guy swearing downstairs: “It’s still NEW and the window is BROKEN!” :PP poor guy, good thing we didn’t get our car washed :P
Oh and ever since this morning the electricity is being cut every once in a while. I must remind myself not to use the lift when I g
I’m so tired, and not in the mood of attending my French course for today, and God is giving me signs through the weather, so I decided not to go :P It’s not that I’m lazy, but I think I wont be able to make it till the bus, I’m too tired to walk, and my umbrella wont stand the wind, SHIT!! My umbrella wont stand the wind?!! GOD!! That means I’ll have to walk under this hard dropping thing, struggle the wind until I get a taxi ;)
Oh my God, here comes an airplane, my they have no difficulties landing.
Anyway, in such a weather the best thing one can do is relax at home, watch TV, no matter how terrible the programs were, still, I’ll enjoy myself, drink a cup of coffee, or eat a bowl of popcorn or a plate of French fries with ketchup , yummyyyy.
Yes that’s what I’m willing to do as soon as I get back home. Relax, although I know I’ll find out that there are 100 things I should do, but well, to hell with everything, I have decided to relax… after washing the dishes that is :) oh, and after preparing dinner, not to forget to buy some stuff I need on my way home, and God I have to wash the clothes again, they must be full of sand spots, and … oh, the never ending story :P don’t I just love my exhausting life…