Monday, May 03, 2004

Sick Animals In Iraq?!It's Not Only Their Fault, But Also Of Those Who Sent Them.

All of you have already heard the disgusting and so humiliating news of the torturing of Iraqi prisoners. Actually, ever since I’ve heard the news and saw the pics, I felt like posting but couldn’t express my thoughts into words, no, I wasn’t in a state of shock, I wasn’t surprised at all, things like that are expected to come from those “democracy protectors and peace makers”. But I couldn’t write because of the disgust and shit that took place. I felt writing wont put off the fire burning my heart and the hearts of all Arabs and Muslims, as they saw what happened from those pieces of shit to our Iraqi brothers.
And up till now I find myself actually speechless. All I can say is this act is a big shame to all those who have allowed their selves to be represented by some sick, pathetic, irresponsible, cheap, and horrible creatures and called them soldiers.

They wanted to inspect weapons that didn’t exist, after facts were crystal clear that Iraq had nothing, they wanted to “free” its people from the dictator Saddam and spread democracy in the area, ever since then we hear of nothing but killing innocent people, torturing innocent people and prisoners, abusing prisoners and normal people, humiliating all Iraqis, making Jokes of them and competing in insulting the suffering people. All you can see is Americans and British clapping for the achievements of the governments, the achievements that are also shown on TV, symbolized by people starving to death, and women and children crying.
Well maybe the Arab world is not aware of the true definition of Freedom, Peace, and Democracy. Because what’s happening in Iraq, has already happened in Afghanistan , Guantanamo, and Israeli prisons.
And if you think that the pics that have reached authorities are a reflection of ALL what the Iraqi people are going through then NO, you’re making a big mistake. No one knows what it’s like over there, but the Iraqis themselves. They are the ones suffering, we’re all watching.
And if you think that what happened in the pics happened to Iraqis alone, then that’s another mistakes you’re making, because out there and in this very moment Arabs and Muslims are still being tortured in the worst way ever. Putting aside the massacres that took place in Lebanon and that are taking place on daily basis in Palestine.

An interesting, REALLY INTERESTING, and VER SMART comment on what has happened was from Sgt Frederick, who said : “he and his fellow reservists had never been told how to deal with prisoners, or what lines should not be crossed. He said he never saw a copy of the Geneva Conventions”. Subzero Blue , which shows the whole world that these animals need others to teach them how to be humans. They need conventions to show them the difference between treating prisoners and between showing off their sick and disgusting habits.

Now the whole world is criticizing and condemning these stupid acts, but let’s wait and see what happens to those monsters. They might even get away with it, I wont be surprised. But let’s think of one simple thing: if Arabs were the ones with these pics, would the whole situation be taken as calm as some accusations? Or would the whole Arab world be attacked with some kind of War Against Terror?!
And if these are the pics that have reached their hands, what about what happens in Israeli prisons?! But well, they must be kept “safe” and “sound”, no need for inspectors, no need for journalists. We all know they’re safe.
But please you countries leading war on innocent people in the name of democracy, PLEASE, do us a favor and admit for once that the war you’re carrying out is nothing but something to please your stupid sick desires in killing, torturing, stealing, and showing off your “powers”. Please stop lying to us! GET THE HELL OUT OF IRAQ!
If you feel like throwing up today you can go ahead and look at some pics here The Memory Hole .
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