Monday, May 24, 2004

Miss Lebanon: The Third Prime

So the last week was a very busy one indeed. I have so many things to talk about, but no time for them all, therefore I’ll be talking about some of the things quickly. As a start let me talk about HAIFA WAHBI in the Miss Lebanon 3rd prime. Actually I’ve always heard people, artists, and reporters criticizing Haifa Wahbi one way or the other. They either talk about her looks or her personality. They criticize the way she wears makeup, her dressing style, and the plastic surgeries she’s gone through. On the other hand, we hear of men and teenagers hanging her posters in their bedrooms closets and on their desks! I read a lot of articles, in which she sounded really smart in the interviews, and where she revealed a side of her personality that doesn’t focus on sex appeals as much as the brains. But then I read this article where she was saying that Elissa is feeling jealous because of her looks. That was the interview that made me laugh my head off and make sure this Haifa Wahbi is so obsessed with her looks and thinks she’s the best looking in the world. Anyway, the picture got clearer when I saw her in the 3rd prime on Friday, unfortunately I couldn’t watch it all, but a part of it, which was actually enough. I saw Haifa Wahbi, and GOD!!! I can’t believe how much people have become obsessed with showing off their bodies!! They make you feel they’re doing you a favor when covering the few parts of their bodies that were left uncovered!! Haifa was wearing basically nothing from my point of view, being so so happy that people give no damn about her talent (maybe because she has no talent in the first place) and are just enjoying her “provoking dance” in which she tried to show off her “so called dress” pulling her hair away from her back and shoulder to show her backless style dress, and pulling together the lower part of her dress to show the side cut and to help the transparent piece of cloth show more of her body!!! That was so pathetic. And what made me really angry, is that such irresponsible shameless acts affect teenagers the most. Poor young boys were about to have a heart attack while she was smiling at them, blowing kisses their way in her custom!! I simply hated this, and I hated her voice, and her moves, and even her comments! Being asked about latest activities and latest albums has nothing to do with mentioning how she met Omar Al Sherif!! She just tried to spread the news that she met celebrities and stuff, and then in future interviews, she goes like: Oh, I’m not arrogant, I wasn’t the one to talk about myself and whom I meet, it’s the media!!…. AAAAAAAAH, she gets on my nerves!! And to compare this with Elissa’s presence, you can’t but say that Elissa is so mature, she’s so classy, and so respectful. Although I’m not much into most of her video clips, but still, she’s a true singer. Beautiful voice, good looks and respectful elegance (relatively speaking). She’s not much of a good speaker in live interviews though…
Anyway, once again, reality TV is a nice idea, but it was one hell of a failure in the case of Miss Lebanon, for one reason, the silliness and rude (stab in the back) fights between the ladies. I tune in to watch them whenever I have the time, I think: maybe I was unfair. And then a verbal fight begins, showing a very ugly side of the ladies who are supposed to represent beauty in the face, body, mind and soul… I believe that if they were better persons then this reality TV would have been the most successful and enjoyable.
Anyway, if you missed the 3rd prime you can take a look at some pics provided online here .