Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Miss Lebanon ... Reality TV

The other day I saw this Miss Lebanon thing on TV, which I’ve discovered later on, is a reality TV showing contestants in their daily life activities.
The minute I realized this I couldn’t feel but sorry for people being offered such pointless and weak programs. And even worse is the fact that many people disagree with me, and believe that spending their time in front of TV just to watch a bunch of girls eating, gossiping, shopping or exercising, is one of the most joyful and exciting things they’d ever do.
Today I came across “The Ugly Side Of Reality TV” by Beirut- Beyrouth , where you can find funny pics and comments concerning this topic. Actually I couldn’t but express my appreciation for reading what she wrote, because it really expressed what I felt towards this nonsense. And since we still didn’t have our receiver last year, I didn’t know of this show earlier. It was only this year that I’ve discovered it. God I've missed some big time :PPP
I don’t understand how do people manage to find all that time to waste on watching some girls living! I mean what is so interesting? Ok, I might be curious to know more about the girls, but definitely not curious to watch them eating, or talking in the lift or waking up. The only advantage I see in this Miss Lebabon reality TV is that it stresses a saying I personally believe in : MAKEUP WORKS WONDERS :P