Friday, May 28, 2004

Lebanon In The Eyes Of Michael Kleeberg

Michael Kleeberg, a German writer who visited Lebanon and wrote about his visit, and what he’s experienced in Lebanon. I’ve only read a part of his written diaries, and I think it’s worth reading.
Reading what foreigners write about Arabic countries doesn’t only spread awareness of these countries and their beautiful landscape, traditions and rich culture, but also shows the impressions Arab countries leaves in their visitors. These impressions and ideas might be positive, just like they might so possibly be negative. And as I always say, we can learn a bit from what others tell us, we can no know the main things such as what kinds of illness should we take care of when we visit, or what are the dangerous acts one can face (robbery, getting lost…etc), what are the most beautiful sites, where to go eat, and stuff like that. But to build a correct idea of the culture you shouldn’t rely entirely on what others have experienced, but try yourself.
Anyway, there is this small part of Kleeberg’s writings available online if you’d like to check it out, then it’s available here in Arabic , and German . It’s really interesting and nice. To be honest I didn’t look a lot, so there might be more of his writings available online, and in English as well.