Wednesday, May 12, 2004

How would USA look better after the Prisoners' Abuse Scandal?... Eureka: Sanctions!

So America has come up with this brilliant idea that will guarantee the success of war on terror. US claims that Syria “supporting” Hamas in Palestine, and Hizballah in Lebanon, which means it’s taking part in the “terrorist attacks” done by those two parties, therefore it should be “punished” by imposing sanctions on it.
In the statement Bush said: “Syria's actions constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat”.

But the “national emergency” to deal with the prisoners abuse is just some investigations, trying to get people busy thinking of other new and hot issues such as sanctions for example, until they find ways out for their soldiers.
Now the unfair sanctions, include a ban on Flights to and from US; restrictions on banking relations; a ban on oilfield services or investments in Syria; trade between the two countries will be limited to nutrition material, medicine and some security-related exportations for the time being.
All I can say is that once again, US did not shock Arabs. But what really gets on my nerves is that when Arabs boycott Israel or US as a protest to the suffering they’re experiencing without any fair act to support Arabs, US starts talking of Arabs as pro-terrorists, and pro-destruction, instead of looking for the reasons behind the protest of Arabs and try to solve the problem. They speak of Arabs as some aggressive mean people. Why is it ok for US to impose sanctions on any Arab country it chooses with or without good reasons, while Arabs are punished constantly if they even think of expressing themselves?!!
This Sanction on Syria is not fair, it will harm the US more than it will harm Syria, that is when we’re talking about finance and trade only. But if we’re talking about reputation, then this sanction will only worsen the reputation of US in the Arab world, because US is proving day by day that it will never implement neither democracy nor freedom but protection for Israel and chaos in the Arab world.