Friday, May 21, 2004

Help Them Save Nature…

A week after I got this job, a company representative came to the office. He gave me his business card and then started his quick introduction of the company’s duty and activities. The company is called BARKA, it’s Tunisian, and this is its work description: “Régénération de tout type de consommables informatique”, which means regeneration/recycling of any type of computer usage materials. In other words, instead of throwing your printer’s empty plastic ink cartridge for example, you give them a call, they come, pick the cartridge, and fill it up for you with half the price. I couldn’t believe myself, because I was looking for such companies that do recycling and stuff, but couldn’t find any. After saying bye, I went to the boss full of excitement, and although he is “somehow” a friend of environment, but he had doubts about the quality of ink refilled. He didn’t believe they’ll provide good quality for half the price, and told me to forget about it. And since it’s not totally up to me, I gave up… partially that is. I mean if the office doesn’t want to do this I can still do this at home, and blog about here :) So I’m waiting for our ink cartridge at home to be empty to try them out. Only problem is, it might take ages since we’re not using it :PP Anyway, at least I’m doing my best.
So for those of you interested the company is BARKA, Address is: 69, Rue Houcine Bouzaienei, 1st floor, Nr.9, 1001 Tunis.
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